Release Train 6/23/21

🔥💳 Separate Account Credit Into Payment & Discount Credit


Previously, all Account Credit was applied to orders as a form of payment. To more accurately calculate, charge, and report sales tax, we have now split Account Credit into two types—Payment Credit and Discount Credit.


Your shoppers’ experience will not change. Any credit that is considered Payment Credit will be applied as payment during checkout. Any credit that is considered Discount Credit will be applied as a discount during checkout. 


Payment Credit includes cash-related sources, such as credits for returns and for gift card redemptions. Discount Credit includes non cash-related sources, such as loyalty credit and referral bonuses earned and credits added by the shop for customer service. Discount Credit used will not be taxed. We will not assess CommentSold commission fees on any portions of purchases made with Discount Credit or Payment Credit.


🔎 New Search Bars on Customer & Product Pages


You can now search for a new customer from a customer details page, or for a new product from a product page, allowing for more efficiency when frequently jumping from one customer or product to the next!


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