Release Train 6/15/21

🔥📲 Send Live Push Notifications Three Times


You can now enable “Send 3 Notifications” from Mobile App → Settings. When enabled, each live sale push notification will be sent to recipients 3 times (at the same time). This is intended to improve deliverability.



📤 Send Push Notification for Open Carts


You can now send a push notification to all customers with carted items. You will see a button to "Send Push Notification" on the top right of the Shopping Cart tab, or you can select “Customers with items in their carts” as the target of your push notifications under Mobile App → Notifications. You will see the count for how many customers have carted items when selecting this audience.


Tapping on a notification sent to customers with open carts will take recipients to their carts in the mobile app.



📪 Offer Free Shipping for Preauthorized Waitlist Items


If you would like to offer free shipping on customers’ preauthorized waitlist items, you can enable this new setting within Setup → Shipping



👥 Export First Time Purchasers Email List


From the Reporting tab in your CommentSold dashboard, you can now download a CSV of your First Time Purchasers. You will see the link to download next to the First Time Purchasers row!


🔍 Scan to Search for Products on the Posts Tab


You can now scan barcodes to search for products on the Posts tab in your CommentSold dashboard!


💯 View Total Sell-Through % for Live Sales


You are now able to view the total sell-through percentage for your live sale from the Live History tab. Click on a live sale to view the detailed metrics and you will see the percentage listed! This is calculated with the starting quantities and totals sold for the products shown in your live sale.


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