Release Train 6/3/21

🔥🎦 Go Live as Facebook Page (Improved!)


We now recommend going live as your Facebook Page rather than as your personal profile, as the account confirmation is significantly simplified for your shoppers when doing so. To go live as your Facebook Page, visit your Facebook Setup tab and enable “Go Live as Page instead of Profile.”


You can learn more about the change in recommendations in this article.


📦 Combined Order Packing Slips Sorted by Location


Packing slips with multiple orders combined can now be sorted by location, allowing your fulfillment team to pick combined orders much more efficiently! You will now see a new toggle when you go to print your labels. Select “new” to see the items in each combined order organized by location!


🔍 Include/Exclude Brand(s) When Searching Products Tab


You now have the option to search for specific brands, or to exclude specific brands from search, from the Products tab of your CommentSold dashboard.



👤 New Search Bar on Customer Details Page


You can now search for a new customer from a customer details page, allowing for more efficiency when frequently jumping from one customer to the next!


📈 Dismiss Sales Contest Tracker


Shops can choose to dismiss the Bring the Heat Summer Sales Contest tracker if they do not want it displayed on their Dashboard. Just click “Hide This” at the top left!



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