Release Train 4/27/21

🔥 Use Margin or Profit to Determine Retail Price


When creating a product, you can now enter the Cost and your desired Margin (%) or Profit ($) to generate a Retail Price, or enter your planned Retail Price to see the Margin and Profit calculated!


👖 New Options for Bestselling Products


We’ve added several new options for bestselling products! 


When bulk editing products, you can now mark items as “Bestseller” or “Not Bestseller.”


Product filters now include options for “Marked as Best Seller” and “Not Marked as Best Seller.”


When viewing your Best Selling Products report, you can now easily mark or unmark a product as a bestseller from the “Marked” column.


🇺🇸 Default Country Code to “US” for Shipping Labels


The country code in the Create Labels tab now defaults to “US” (the correct country code for the United States) if the customer does not have another country code assigned to them. “USA,” “United States,” and “United States of America” will now correct to “US” to avoid errors.


💬 Post Button Added to “Edit Inventory” Screen


The Manage column on a product’s “Edit Inventory” screen now offers you the option to post the product to Facebook or to the mobile app from this page.



↩️ Show “Average Days to Return” in Reporting


The Orders table in the Reporting tab will now show the Average Days to Return with other return data. This number is an average of the days between fulfillment and order returns. 



🔎 Filter by “In Stock Only” for Product Selections


When creating or editing product selections, you can now check to only display in stock products as options for your selection.



🧾 Click “Number of Uses” for Coupons to View Associated Orders


From the Coupons Report, you can now click the Number of Uses for a particular coupon to view all associated orders.



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