Release Train 4/20/21

🔥📱 Easily Bump Products to Top of App


You will now see a new “Repost to App” option from the App Posts page, allowing you to quickly bump a product to the top of your app feed.


Previously, when a product posted to the app was scheduled to repost, it was not searchable until the scheduled repost time. Now, products will remain searchable, and the reposts will still boost the products to the top of the app feed as desired.


🔥🛒 View Associated Orders, Waitlists & Carts for a SKU


You can now view information for associated orders, waitlists, and carts for an entire SKU (not just for a variant) from the Edit Inventory page. To do this, click the icon next to “Manage” and select the desired view.


📊 Best Selling Report Now Sortable


You can now sort by Sold Count or Revenue on all 3 tabs of the Best Selling Products reports! Just click on the column header to sort.


👻 Bulk Hide Product from the App Posts Tab


You now have the option to select multiple products to hide from your mobile app from within the App Posts tab of your dashboard.


🎚️ Two New Product Filters Added


You are now able to filter products by those with “No Description” and “No Location” to make it easy to locate products to add information!


🔎 Search Bar Added to Inventory “All Logs” Page


A search bar has been added to the “All Logs” section of inventory reporting. This will be useful for accessing logs of deleted products, or quickly finding activity of a specific employee.


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