Release Train 4/6/21

🏷️ Increase Size of Price on PDF Barcodes 


You can now visit Setup → Barcodes and enable “Large Barcode Prices” to emphasize the price on PDF barcodes (if “Show Price” is enabled). This update supports shops using these PDF barcodes for labeling items in brick and mortar stores!



👚 Display Product Variants in Preferred Order on Live Overlay 


The variants shown in the Live Overlay for a product will now be displayed in the same order as they appear in the Inventory section of your CommentSold dashboard.



📊 New Monthly Sales Report


You can now view your shop’s Revenue per Month from within the Reports tab of your CommentSold dashboard (Reports → Monthly).



🙌 Barcode Error No Longer Appears When Typing in Orders/Fulfillment Tab


Previously, a barcode error message would appear when typing too quickly in the search or order notes boxes on the Orders/Fulfillment tab. This issue has been resolved!


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