Release Train 3/10/21

🔥 📦 Manifests Now Available for CommentSold Shipping

Shipping manifests can now be enabled under the Shipping section of your Setup tab. There are a few things to know when beginning to use manifests, so you’ll want to read the article here:


❌ “Default Title” Removed as Variant When Imported from Shopify

If you do not want “Default Title” to be imported from Shopify as a variant within CommentSold, you can now set this within the Shopify Sync tab of your CommentSold dashboard!


View the Canny we addressed here.


📹  Shops Can Now Exclude Specific Products from Automatic Product Videos

Previously, the only way to override the Automatic Product Videos from Live Sale was to upload a fit video to the product. Now if you do not want the automatic product video to display for a specific product, you can check to disable it from the Edit Product page. 


🔗 Product Deep Links Available to Admins 

Shop admins can now see deep links for mobile app products on the Edit Product page. Deep links will direct those who click them to a specific product in the mobile app if 1) shoppers have the app downloaded and 2) they are on their mobile device. Otherwise, shoppers will be directed to the product on the webstore. This will also assist in paid advertising efforts!


📤 Low Stock Email Can Be Based on Variant

Low stock emails can now be based on variants, rather than on total quantity across all variants. Enable this setting from the Shop section of your Setup tab.


⏳ New Filter for Product List

Shops can now filter products by those that have or have not been posted to the account page product list. This is intended to make it easier for shops running preorders to manage these products!


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