Release Train 2/10/21

🔥💸  Monthly Sales Goal Tracker Added to Dashboard

You may have noticed a new tracker on your CommentSold dashboard. We’ve added a Monthly Goal Progress section that allows you to enter your monthly goal and track progress against it (based on revenue per day required to meet that goal)! 


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✏️ New Permission Levels for View Monthly Goal and Edit Monthly Goal

Related to the Monthly Sales Goal Tracker announced above, there are two new Team member permissions— 1) View Monthly Goal and 2) Edit Monthly Goal.


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👯 Prevent Duplicates from Being Added to Product Selection

When scanning items to create a Product Selection, the system will now present a popup error when a duplicate item is scanned and the item will not be added to the selection a second time.


🗓️ View Year to Date Comparison in Dashboard

The week-over-week comparison table on your dashboard has been updated to include a Year to Date row. The Total Revenue shows your shop’s sales from the beginning of the year to now, and the Change shows the difference between this and last year’s Year to Date revenue on this day.


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🥾 Force Logout of Team Members

We have simplified the process for forcing logout of Team members, in case of a stolen device or change of employment. 


You can now log out a Team member from the Team tab in CommentSold. Click the three dots under “Manage” and select “Invalidate Password and Sessions.” The team member will be redirected to the login screen if they attempt to access CommentSold.


If you need to force logout of a Super Admin, you will need to contact Support.


View the Canny we addressed here.


💾 Product Templates Now Save “Charge Tax” Setting

When creating product templates, the “Charge Tax” setting (box checked or unchecked) will now be saved with the template. This is particularly useful for those in states that do not charge sales tax on clothing!


🔗 Order Numbers Are Now Clickable Links

Order numbers in the product (such as those shown in the Create Labels section) are now clickable links that go directly to the clicked order.


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