Release Train 1/20/21

🔥  Post Products to App Collection Without Adding to Feed

By popular request! You can now publish products to collections within your mobile app without having them appear in your main feed! This option is available to you anywhere that posting to the app is possible--when posting individual products to the app, bulk posting to the app, linking live posts, etc. 


You can also edit existing app posts to hide them from your app’s main feed. You will see a “Hidden from Feed” label next to any posts that you have chosen to hide from your app’s main feed. 


⏹  Set Maximum Number of Items for Combined Orders

If a customer has placed multiple large orders, their order may not fit in your default package size and ordered labels may be incorrect. To avoid refund and repurchase of labels, shops are now able to set a maximum number of items that can be grouped for a combined shipment! The default for this setting is “no maximum,” but you can enter your desired maximum under Setup > Shipping in your dashboard.


⏹  Google Analytics Integration Updated 

Google Analytics released Google Analytics 4 in October 2020, introducing “G” IDs for app and web tracking. CommentSold now supports Google Analytics tracking with “UA” or “G” IDs. No action is required on your part!


⏹  Bug Fix: Autolinked Posts Now Use App Descriptions When Posting to App

Our Support team identified an issue affecting products posted to mobile apps from autolinked Facebook posts. When “Post to App on Autolink” was enabled, the Facebook description for the product was being imported into the mobile app rather than the app description. Now, if "Post to App on Autolink - Use Mobile App Description" is enabled under Facebook Setup, the mobile app description will be used in place of the Facebook description.



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