Release Train 5/11/21

🔥📍 Tik Tok & Pinterest Pixels Added


You can now add your Pixel IDs for Tik Tok and Pinterest to CommentSold for Pageview and Purchase Events. These fields allow you to create retargeting audiences for advertising on Tik Tok and Pinterest, and to more accurately report on ad campaign results from those platforms!


Visit the Setup Tab and click Embed to add your Pixel IDs!


🔥📛 Custom Badges for Products in Mobile App


You can now enter a custom badge (with up to 12 characters, including emojis!) on the Edit Product page of any product. These badges allow you to draw attention to particular products or to highlight preorders in your mobile app!


If you would like a Best Seller label to appear on a product in your app, you can check the box for “Mark as Best Seller” on the Edit Product page!


↩️ Return All Products in Order


There is a new button for “Return All products” during the return process to allow you to quickly return all items from an order.



💰 Margin & Profit Shown on Edit Inventory Page


Margin and profit are now calculated when adjusting product prices on the Edit Inventory page.



🗃️ Sort Bulk Packing Slips by Customer Name


If you would like packing slips sorted by customer name rather than order date when bulk printing, you can now enable this option!



🧮 Show Total Product Count Below Products Table


If you would like to retrieve the total count of all products that meet the filters you have entered on the Products tab, you can click the “Get total Product Count” button at the bottom left of the table. This is not automatically calculated, as doing so slows page load speed.



🗓️ Sort Inventory Logs by Date


The Inventory Logs tab is now sortable by date, allowing you to easily access the specific logs you need.



📊 “This Month Last Year” Added to Revenue Table


You can now compare the current month to “This Month Last year” without pulling reports from the Reporting tab! This metric is now available in the revenue table on your CommentSold Dashboard.



📤 Order Paid Email Will Indicate Split Orders


A shopper’s confirmation email upon order payment will now indicate split orders by default. This should help to avoid confusion when a customer is charged the total amount but does not receive all items in the first package.


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