Release Train 3/31/21

🧮 Item Counts Included with Order Counts on Orders/Fulfillment Tab


To assist shops in appropriately staffing for fulfillment, the Orders/Fulfillment page now shows both the number of orders and the total number of items at each order stage.


🔎 Search Bar Added to Shop Logs


Previously, it was difficult to locate a specific action taken by a team member. You can now search by message on the Shop Logs tab! 


🖨️ Option to Print All Open Orders for a Specific Customer


You can now print all open orders for a customer from their Customer Details page!


❤️ Post Items Directly from Favorites Table


You can now click the three dots next to a product in the Favorites table and post to your channels from there!


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 New Option to Duplicate Team Member Settings

You can now click the three dots next to a team member in the Team tab and “Copy to New User.” This will take you to the Add Team Member page, but with all of the copied user’s settings pre-selected! 


↔️ “Previous” & “Next” Buttons Added to Product Page


You will now see buttons on the Edit Product page allowing you to go directly to the previous product or to the next product. This button will skip items on the Products tab that are not individual products (e.g. Product Selections).


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