Release Train 3/23/21

🔥📤 New Push Notifications for Added to Cart & Cart Expiration Reminders


You can now enable push notifications for customers’ cart activities! When you visit the Mobile App tab, you will see a new section for Notification Templates. You will be able to create custom templates for:


  1. Added to Cart 
  2. Added to Cart (First Paid First Served)
  3. Cart Expiration Reminder
  4. Cart Expiration Reminder (First Paid First Served)


These templates are a great way to encourage prompt checkout and recover abandoned carts! 


📹 New Team Permission for the Broadcast App


We've added a Team permission called "Can Use Broadcast App" that allows an employee to go live from the Broadcast app! You can grant this permission to team members by visiting the Team tab in your CommentSold dashboard.




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