Release Train 2/24/21

🔥🕒 Schedule Start Time for Mobile App Notification Banners

You are now able to enter a start date/time for your mobile app notification banners! This will allow you to "set it and forget it" with the message you would like to share with shoppers in your app.


🗣️ Customize Text for Referral Program Messages

You can now customize the message and link that your shoppers share with their friends for the Referral Program! This option now appears under Sharing Setup in the Sharing and Referral Program section of your CommentSold dashboard.


💠  Reporting for Loyalty Credits Earned

You can now view the total loyalty credit earned during your selected time window from the Shop Credits table in your Reporting tab! 


View the Canny we addressed here.


🔖 Orders Correctly Tagged as First Orders When Preorder Items Are Included

Previously, orders that included preorder and ready to ship items were not being tagged as First Order within CommentSold. This issue has been resolved!


↕ Corrected Spacing for Auto-Link Notifications 

Some shops were noticing an unwanted space in push notifications for auto-linked products. This issue has been resolved!


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