Release Train 2/3/21

🔥📊  Live Sale Detailed Analytics

Live History has been updated with in-depth analytics for your live sales! Visit the “Live History” section of your Live tab and click on individual live sales to explore detailed breakouts of payments, carted revenue, viewership, and items sold. 


For more information on what’s included in the Live History, check out this article!


🔥⏰ Set Carts to Expire at Set Date & Time

This new feature was a very popular request on Canny! You can now opt to have customers’ carts expire on a weekly schedule, or on a specific date and time. If you set a one time expiration date and time, this will override other shopping cart expiration settings until after that date and time passes. You can find this setting in the “Shop” section of the Setup tab in your admin dashboard!


View the Canny we addressed here.


🤑 Revenue Column Added to Best Selling Report

You can now view the revenue that each of your best selling products brings in from your Best Selling report!

This is the first step toward addressing this Canny.


🔎 Scan Custom Barcodes on Products Tab

Previously, only standard barcodes could be scanned on the Products tab to pull up the associated items. Now you can pull up items by clicking on the search bar and scanning the custom barcode. 

View the Canny we addressed here. 


📧 Allow Shops to Disable “Not Synced” Emails for Shopify & ShipStation

If your shop does not want to receive emails when there is a syncing issue between CommentSold and Shopify or ShipStation, you can now disable them within your CommentSold admin dashboard. Visit the “Shopify Sync” or “Shipping → ShipStation” sections of your Setup tab to view this setting.

This resolves 2 Canny requests:

1️⃣ Shopify: Toggle for 'not synced with Shopify emails'

2️⃣ Shipstation: Toggle for 'not synced with Shipstation emails'


📱 Facebook Ad Catalogs Can Now Direct to Mobile App

Facebook ads can now include mobile product feed URLs that will redirect to the main feed of your mobile app (rather than to the webstore).

View the Canny we addressed here.


🕵🏽‍♂️ Enhanced Fraud Detection for First-Time Order Coupons

In some cases, shoppers were creating multiple accounts to repeatedly purchase with first-time order coupons. We have enhanced our system’s ability to detect these multiple accounts to prevent coupon abuse.

View the Canny we addressed here.


🖨️ Live Helpers Now Print in Product Selection Order

Previously, live helpers printed with products in alphabetical order. Live helpers will now print in the order of the product selection. This will save shops who are using live helpers rather than barcodes to update the live overlay from having to reorder printed sheets.

View the Canny we addressed here.


 Remove Item Limit for Dynamic Live Sales

This change will go unnoticed by most of our shops, but is particularly exciting for wholesalers who harvest multiple variants per comment. The 76 item limit for dynamic live sales has been removed!


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