Release Train 1/27/21

🧮  Refunds Calculated Correctly for Shoppers Who Used Store Credit

Some of you reported an issue in how refunds are processed for shoppers who applied store credit to their orders. The amount of store credit applied to the order was being deducted from each item that was returned, resulting in shoppers not receiving the full amount they had paid back when returning multiple items. 

This issue has been resolved! Now, store credit will be deducted from the last item returned/refunded. If your shop allows for refunds to the original form of payment, they will receive this portion of the refund first. Any store credit that was used in the original purchase can be manually credited back to the customer via admin.

View the Canny here:


💡 New Reporting Tooltips Available in Your Admin Dashboard

If you visit the Reporting tab in your admin dashboard, you'll notice that we've added new tooltips! Hover over the information ("i") icon next to a row to view handy definitions and tips.



 Removed Social Icons on Webstore for Shops Without Linked Accounts

Our team has removed the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons from the footer of webstores for shops who have not provided links to these social accounts within their admin dashboard. If you are not using one of these channels and have not provided us with a link, that icon will not show to your shoppers in your webstore footer!


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