Release Train 10/13/21



Check out the video below for a walkthrough of these updates! 



Process Filtered Orders

You can now select any filter on the Orders tab, click Process [X] Orders, and send only those selected orders for processing. Orders not captured by filters can also be added for processing by checking the box to the left of the order before clicking Process [X] Orders.  


If no filters are selected, all orders will continue to process as they did prior to this update by clicking Process All. With this new option to only process selected orders, you can get high priority orders out the door quickly! 

Note: When selecting certain filters for processing (like First Time Orders), the system will not recognize and combine multiple orders for the same shopper. Only the first order will be sent to processing. 


Label Status Visible in Scan Logs

The label status for a refunded shipping label is now visible in the scan log. This allows fulfillment employees to quickly resolve missing labels by identifying when and by whom the label was refunded. Previously, this information was available only by navigating to Setup > Shipping > View Credit History and searching for the order. 


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