[Mobile Release 2.2.0] Release Train

The new app version is still being rolled out to all shops. On the next update you'll be able to see the status of your updates in the Mobile App Tab!

With the Android and iOS 2.2.0 release, we've focused on adding highly requested changes and fixing the most impactful bugs. Check out what we've launched below!

Here's What's Changed on Both Apps

⏹ Sezzle Can Now Be Used to Checkout on the App

Sezzle checkout is now avaliable on the Android and IOS apps with v2.2.0!  They can checkout with Sezzle on the main shopping cart or directly from a live sale. 

⏹ Up to 30 Previous Items Now Show When Joining A Live Sale

Previously, when you joined in the middle of a live sale, you could not see any previous items. Now, shoppers will be able to scroll back to the previous 30 items you've shown, regardless of when they join!

Facebook Login & Register Moved Above Email

We've moved the Facebook button to the top of the login and register screens so you can enjoy the benefits of having more linked Facebook users in your shop!

⏹ Better Graphics When a Product Doesn't Have an Image

We've added a nicer "No Image" image to the app!

⏹ All Variants Now Load on Products

In the past product with a lot of variants would not display every option. We now display all of the options!

lots of variants

⏹ Inventory Now Updates Every 10 Seconds on Live Sales

Previously on a live sale, when you scanned or selected a product to show, the inventory would never change. Customers would think there was 5 larges left, because you started with 5 larges but in reality there may have been 0 larges left. This lead to frustration (and lack of urgency) because when they clicked "Add to cart" - it would actually go to their waitlist since it was sold out.

⏹ The App Now Supports Single Letter Identifiers

You can now use alpha identifiers like A, B, and C during live in the app!

⚠️2.2.0 Live Comment Notice

Shoppers on the old version of the app will only be able to see comments from other users on the old version. Shoppers on the new version will only be able to see comments from the new app version. This is a one time change and improves the foundation of live sales on the app - making it more scalable later on! Comments from both versions will still appear on the live dashboard so you'll see everything.


Here's What's Changed on Android

⏹ Hearts are gone for now

We’re updating our implementation and will be bringing them back soon. This change will give shoppers a more interactive experience in the future!

⏹ No crashing when viewing split orders

The Android app used to crash when a Split Order was displayed - oops! This has been fixed.

⏹ You can now see coupon code discount amounts when checking out

This allows shoppers to clearly see the value the code gave them and make sense of the total!

⏹ We No Longer Send Sold Comments From your Page When Scanning A New Item

We used to send sold comments from your page to the Android app when scanning new items. This doesn't happen anymore. Sold comments from your shoppers  will still appear as usual. 

⏹ View The Live Sale While Checking Out

You can still hear the live and see a portion of it until you're done checking out!

⏹ LITA Strikethrough Has Been Enabled on Android

When the option "Cross out sold out variants on Overlay?" is enabled we’ll strike through each variant as it sells out on the overlay for the live.

⏹ Fixed Live Streams Ending on Android When "Be Right Back" is Enabled

Previously on Android the stream would appear to have ended when the video was briefly lost. Now it doesn't end as fast when be right back is enabled.

⏹ Sold Comments From Shoppers Now Appear on Android

Previously, we were not showing user's sold comments on the Android app during live sales. This has been fixed.

Here's What's Changed on iOS

⏹ Select Size & Color in Any Order

In the past you had to select the Color before selecting the size, you can now select either option first as expected! This allows shoppers to see how many items are in stock based on their size instead of just the variant color. 

⏹ Color Variants are Now Listed Alphabetically

You'll notice that color variants are listed alphabetically when viewing products on a live sale in the iOS app.

⏹ LITA Strikethrough Is Coming Soon on iOS

When the option "Cross out sold out variants on Overlay?" is enabled we will soon strike through each variant that's sold out. 

⏹ Standard Live Indicator for Both Platforms

We've changed the iOS live indicator to look like the Android live indicator. It's now clear on all platforms that this button will take you to a live sale. 

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