[Mobile Release 2.9.0] Release Train


Our team has been hard at work making improvements to your mobile app. In particular, we've added several features to increase shoppers' interest and sense of urgency to buy!



Cart Expiration Warning


If enabled, a banner will appear with a countdown timer showing the amount of time remaining before a shopper's cart expires.


These banners, along with the existing cart expiration and abandonment notifications available through CommentSold, help to reduce cart abandonment and increase your shop's revenue!



Social Proof Notifications


We have replaced the "sold" comments with real-time notifications along the right side of live sales within your mobile app, where emoji reactions appear.


A notification will also appear when a shopper favorites the item being shown.


These pop up notifications will show alongside the shopper's profile picture. Their name will not be displayed.



Display Custom Badges on Products


We have added a new custom badge feature for product listings in the feed. From a product's Edit Product page, you can either check a box to have a Best Seller label applied, or enter the custom text you would like to display on a badge (max 12 characters).


Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 2.41.09 PM

This allows you to feature products that you would like shoppers to pay special attention to!



Very Low Stock Notifications


Product variants on product pages and live sales will now show changes in quantity. 


A subtle animation will be applied to item variants when the quantity decreases. This prompts the FOMO of shoppers as they see regular activity on the product they are viewing!

Image from iOS (5)

Order Notes

Shoppers can now leave special instructions about how to prepare or deliver their orders by adding order notes at checkout. 


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