Release Train 10/20/21



Check out the video below for a walkthrough of these updates! 


Free Shipping Window: Set A Minimum Subtotal to Extend

Previously, shoppers could continue to purchase low-cost items each day to extend their Free Shipping Window. By taking advantage of the feature in this way, shoppers could continually avoid paying shipping costs. To prevent this, we’ve added a new setting that requires at least one single order to meet a minimum subtotal within the Free Shipping Window to continue the cycle. While the setting does not impact whether the current order gets free shipping, it does impact whether the Free Shipping Window is extended.

You can set the Free Shipping Window Minimum under the Shipping settings on the Setup tab. Shoppers will see a banner message on the Account Page letting them know how much more they need to spend to reach the minimum for the Free Shipping Window. 


Note: There is currently no message on app purchases to let shoppers know how much more they need to spend to qualify for the Free Shipping Window, but we intend to create one in a future mobile release. 


Mark Individual Variants as Received

You can now mark individual variants as received on the Edit Inventory tab of a product. In the past, only entire products could be marked as received using the Received Product checkbox. Therefore, products could not be processed for shipping until all variants arrived. With this new update, you can now process and ship individual variants without complication.


Winback Coupon Code Variation

Previously if a customer used a winback coupon code, they would receive the same code in future winback campaigns and be unable to redeem it the second time. Now, the system will detect whether the customer has previously purchased using the coupon code, and if so, send them a different code in future campaigns. 


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