Release Train 11/2/21


Check out the video below for a walkthrough of this week's updates!

Retail Price Change (Great for Seasonal Sales!)

With Retail Price Change, you can now change the price of one or multiple collections without having to go into each product/variant individually. This is a great update to help support your seasonal sales around the holidays! 

Note: Retail Price Changes are not supported for shops using Shopify.

Retail Price Changes are customizable by percentage, dollar amount, or margin percentage. 


To create a Retail Price Change, visit the Products tab and select the “Price Adjustments” option. From here, select the Retail Price Changes section tab. Then, click the blue “Create Retail Price Change” button on the top right of the screen! 

The Creating Retail Price Changes article can show you how to create price changes from start to finish- click the link to find out more! 


Instagram Ice Breakers

Instagram ice breakers allow you to suggest up to four questions for shoppers when they direct message your account for the first time. Shoppers can click on any question to start the conversation. Upon selecting a question, the answer will be messaged to them in the form of an automatic reply. Once a question has been selected, the “ice” is broken! The shopper will no longer be prompted with ice breaker questions the next time they message your account. 


Ice breakers are fully customizable to help you lead the conversation in any direction you’d like. Ice breakers might include store information such as location and business hours, return policies, details about your mobile app, or information on where and when to find your live sales!


To customize your Ice Breakers, visit the Instagram Setup section on the Social Setup tab. To learn more, check out the Using Instagram Ice Breakers article in our Help Center! 


Auto-Post to IG When Autolinking or Manually Linking a FB Post

We have developed a great new time saver for creating Instagram content- the “Post to Instagram on Autolink” toggle! Now whenever you autolink a post on Facebook, you can automatically make an identical post to Instagram as well. 

To enable this setting, navigate to the Facebook Groups section of the Social Setup tab. Then, scroll down and click the “Post to Instagram on Autolink” toggle. 


If you are manually linking a Facebook post, you will now see the option to “Post to Instagram” as well when you click “Link to Post” from the three dot menu next to a product. 


Note: Videos are not yet supported for automatically posting to Instagram. You must have a business Instagram account connected to CommentSold before these features can be accessed. To learn more about connecting your IG account to CommentSold, check out this article in our Help Center! 


Share and Sell to Instagram “Close Friends”

We now offer a way to use the “Close Friends” option on Instagram to sell through Stories! This feature is a great way to offer exclusive or VIP products to your top Instagram shoppers. 

At the moment, this process is more manual than our other Instagram features. However, we’ll be looking to automate this feature more as Instagram expands their “Close Friends” functionality. 

Now, once a shopper interacts with your “Close Friends” content, you can manually link a product to your post and harvest all past and future comments. To learn how to make shoppable Stories for “Close Friends” on Instagram, check out this article in our Help Center! 

New Image Cropping Options for Instagram

All Instagram post images will now default to landscape ratio in CommentSold. You will also see three total Instagram-approved ratios to choose from when creating a post- Landscape, Portrait, and Square. This update will allow you to ensure your images are optimized for showcasing your product on Instagram!

Search Paid Orders on the Customers Tab

The Paid Orders section of the Customer Details Page is now searchable by SKU, Brand Style, Product Name, or ID. This update will allow your Customer Service team to quickly locate items within orders that a customer wants to cancel or change the size of prior to shipment.


Turn Product Selections into Scheduled Sales

Easily turn product selections into Scheduled Sales with this new feature! To create a Scheduled Sale, navigate to the Products tab and click on the three dot menu next to the Product Selection. Then, select “Create Scheduled Sale from Selection.” This option will automatically take you to the Add Scheduled Sale page where the product list will be pre-populated with all of the items from the Product Selection.


To learn more about Scheduling Sales, check out this article in our Help Center!

Hide Variant Quantity on New Webstore [Webstore v2]

When enabled, we will now hide the quantity of available stock for each product variant on the webstore product detail page. It will also be hidden on the Live on the Web viewer where customers see product details and variants before adding to their carts. 


To hide variant quantities, navigate to the Webstore Content tab > Preferences. Scroll down to the “Hide Available Stock Count” option and toggle it on. 


Note: This feature is currently only available on the new webstore. It is not available on mobile at this time.


Clear Shopper Waitlist from Customer Detail Page

A shopper’s waitlist can now be easily cleared from the Customers tab. This update is particularly useful if shoppers are creating large waitlists in an attempt to hoard products, but you don’t necessarily want to block them right away.

To clear a shopper’s waitlist, navigate to the Customers tab and click on the customer name. Scroll down the Waitlist section on the Customer Detail page. Then, click the “Remove All Items from Waitlist” option at the top left of the section. 



Pause Product Waitlist While Archiving Inventory

This update allows you to "pause" the ability to join the waitlist for a particular item while saving the existing waitlist. When archiving a product in your inventory, you will now see a checkbox to “Clear waitlist for this variant.” The checkbox is checked by default, but can be unchecked to keep the current waitlist. 


This option is valuable for products that may eventually be restocked. For instance, you may want to archive products that are out of stock this season to prevent the waitlist from growing. However, if the vendor decides to recut a particular SKU next year, you may want to reorder the item due to the large demand. This feature allows you to “hide” certain products without losing the waitlist for that product.


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