[Mobile Release 2.14] Release Train


The Mobile Release Train is your monthly destination for updates regarding mobile feature releases and news. Mobile Release Train announcements are usually combined with the last Weekly Release Train announcement of the month and shared in our VIP Facebook group and through email.


Version 2.14 is expected to release on December 7th. Check out the updates for Version 2.14 below!


Instagram Stories in the App [iOS and Android]

What Changed

Shoppers can now view your Instagram Stories directly from your mobile app! When the Instagram Story Content button is enabled, your Instagram icon image will appear on the left side of the tab bar. 

When there is an active Story, there will be a highlight border around the icon. If there are no active Stories, the icon will not have a border. If Instagram is disabled, the icon will not appear in your mobile app tab bar. 


To view your active Stories, shoppers can click on the Instagram Story Content button. When a product is linked in a Story, shoppers will have the option to select the "I Want it!" button at the bottom of the screen. The button will prompt them to select their preferred variant and add to cart before proceeding to the Checkout page. Stories without product links will also appear in the Story flow for shoppers to view. 


Where to Find It

If Instagram is connected to your CommentSold account, the Instagram Story Content button will be enabled on your mobile app by default. To access the toggle or disable IG Stories on your mobile app, navigate to Social Setup > Instagram. Scroll down to the "Show IG Stories in App" toggle and disable it to remove Instagram Stories from your mobile app.

For more information on Selling through Instagram Stories, check out this Help Center article!


Why We Love It

We love cross-pollinating your shopper audiences! We want your mobile app audience to be aware of all the great content you're serving over on Instagram.


Preauthorize Waitlist Item with Coupon [iOS]

What Changed

Shoppers will now have the option to pre-authorize a waitlist item with a coupon. The coupon will only be honored if it is still valid at the time the order is filled from the Preauthorized Waitlist.

To enter a coupon code, shoppers will add an item to their waitlist as usual. When they are prompted to preauthorize, a field for "Coupon Code" will now appear beneath their shipping and payment information. The shopper can then slide to preauthorize with the coupon code attached.


Where to Find It

This feature is automatically enabled! 

Why We Love It

We love preauthorization and want shoppers to use it! It's a guaranteed sale for you and helps you judge the demand for restocking a product. By allowing them to use their coupons here, we hope more of your customers will preauthorize their waitlist items. 


Enable Push Notifications Nudge [iOS]

What Changed

Shoppers will now receive a "nudge" to enable push notifications for your mobile app. If a shopper declines to enable push notifications at the time of download, they will now see a prompt to enable push notifications upon opening the app. This prompt will occur seven days after they open the app for the first time. 

If a shopper chooses to enable push notifications from the prompt, we will automatically redirect them to their iOS settings. If they choose not to enable push notifications again, we will snooze the prompt for another seven days.

Note: The prompt will not appear if you are live at the time the shopper opens the app. 


Where to Find It

This feature will be automatically enabled for your mobile app. To disable Push Notification Nudges for your shoppers, navigate to the Mobile App settings in your CommentSold dashboard. Scroll down to find the toggle "Push Nudge enabled," and toggle it off to stop automatic Push Notification prompts in your app.


Why We Love It

Push notifications are key for driving engagement on your mobile app. With automatic reminders, we can nudge your shoppers to enable these notifications to keep your app (and shop) in mind. 

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