Instagram Stories in the Mobile App

If you have a mobile app and your Instagram account is connected to CommentSold, all active Instagram Stories will also publish to your mobile app. Shoppers can then view and shop from Stories--without ever leaving the app!

When enabled, the Instagram Story Content button will appear to the left of the main menu. The button will display your shop's current Instagram profile picture as an icon.

When you have an active Story, there will be a highlight border around the icon. App users can click the Story Content button when it's highlighted to view all of your active Instagram Stories. If there are no active Stories, the icon will not have a border. 




Note: The Story Content button will appear on your app by default. However, you can remove it by disabling the “Show IG Stories in App” setting under Social Setup > Instagram. When disabled, the Content Story button is hidden and no Stories will be available through your app.

App users can click the Story Content button when it's highlighted to view ALL of your active Instagram Stories, whether or not they are linked to a product for purchase. This is a great way to get more eyes on your Instagram content, even if your Stories do not feature a hard sell.  If there are multiple active Stories, shoppers will be able to view and click through them, just as they would through Instagram.


Purchasing through Stories in the App

If you have linked a product in your Instagram Story post, the same Story will also become shoppable within the app. While shoppers are viewing a shoppable Story, they will have the option to select the "I Want it!" button at the bottom of the screen. The button will prompt them to select their preferred variant and add-to-cart before proceeding to the Checkout page.



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