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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • The differences between archiving, unpublishing, and deleting products.
  • How to archive products.
  • How to unpublish products.
  • How to delete products.

About Removing Products

Removing products from your webstore and mobile app allows you to keep your selection of items current, fresh, and in stock for your shoppers to browse and purchase. 

CommentSold offers a variety of different options when it comes to managing how items appear for purchase in your webstore and mobile app. We walk through these options in this article.

Understanding Your Options

You have three options when it comes to managing an item's visibility: archiving, unpublishing, and deleting.

While these options may seem similar, it's important that you understand the differences between them because how you choose to archive, unpublish, or delete an item will affect whether a shopper can still cart the item for purchase.

Select any of the below drop-downs to learn more about each option.

Archiving Products
  • Remove the product from purchase until you are able to restock. 
  • Archive all or specific variants for a product.
  • Specify whether to remove products from your webstore, mobile app, product list, and social media posts.
  • Save the item's current waitlist and prevent additional shoppers from joining the waitlist.
  • You can unarchive products.
Unpublishing Products
  • Remove an in-stock product's ability to be purchased on a specific sales channel (e.g. your webstore, mobile app, or product list).
  • Helpful option when you want to do exclusive promotions or sales for a specific sales channel to drive shoppers to the desired channel, like your mobile app. 
  • You can republish products to sales channels.
  Note: Shoppers can still purchase an unpublished product if it is available on a different sales channel, in their favorites, and/or in an old post or live sale. For example, even if you unpublish an item from your webstore, mobile app, and product list, if a shopper comments on an old Facebook post for the item, they cart it if it is in stock.
Deleting Products
  • Permanently delete a product and any images, data, and records associated with the product.
  • Mass deleting of items can negatively affect waitlists, order history, and reporting. This can create issues with record keeping and accuracy when reviewing past trends and sales.
  • We recommend using this option sparingly.
  • Once a product is deleted, it cannot be restored.

Manage Product Visibility

Archive Products Unpublish Products Delete Products

Before you can archive products, you will need to message Chat Support in the bottom-right corner of your CommentSold dashboard and ask the team to enable Inventory Archival for your shop.  Once they confirm this is enabled, you can continue with the below steps.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the product you wish to archive and select the three dots to the far right of the product row.
  3. Select Inventory from the drop-down menu.
  4. Using the scroll bar at the bottom of the page, scroll left to the Manage column.
    • Archive all variants. Select the three dots to the far right of the Update All Rows At Once row and select Archive All Variants. If you don't see the option to update all rows at once, select the pencil icon beneath Manage.
    • Archive specific variants. Select the dots to the far right of the variant row and select Archive Variant.  Repeat this step for each variant you wish to archive.
    • If the product has a waitlist, a popup box will ask you if you wish to Clear waitlist for this variant.

      • This checkbox is selected by default. You can deselect it to keep the current waitlist while preventing new shoppers from joining, and we recommend using this option for any styles you think you may restock in the future.
    • Select Confirm to save changes.
    • To dearchive a product or variant, repeat the above steps but select Dearchive All Variants/Dearchive Variant as your action.

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