Release Train 12/15/21


All aboard the Release Train!  At CommentSold, we are constantly working to improve our platform and offer you more ways to easily manage your business. The Weekly Release Train is your destination for weekly product updates, new releases, and feature news.

Check out the video below to see an overview of these features.


Note: In the video above, Ben mentions improvements to the reporting in the Live History tab. Since this recording, you’ll notice that “Total Revenue” now reads “Est. Product Revenue” to reflect one of these changes. You can read more about this below!


Schedule Live Selections to New Webstore [Webstore v2]

What Changed

Previously, product selections could only be posted to the webstore on an immediate basis. Now, you can easily schedule product selections to publish to your webstore at a later date and time.

Where to Find It

Navigate to the Products tab, click the three dot menu across from your desired product selection, then select “Publish to Webstore”.

A popup will appear with the option to add a Scheduled Publish Date. Leave this blank to publish it immediately, or choose a future date and time to schedule it for later.


Why We Love It

Save time by strategically scheduling product selections in advance!


Live History Tab Now Calculates Net Sales

What Changed

Previously, the Live History tab’s calculation for Total Revenue and Revenue Per Minute did not factor in discounts, store credit, taxes, or shipping. Now both accurately reflect net sales. With this update, “Total Revenue” is now referred to as “Est. Product Revenue” in the Live History tab.


Where to Find It

Navigate to Live > Live History to see Estimated Product Revenue and Live Revenue per Minute.



Why We Love It

Previously, the Total Revenue and Revenue Per Minute values might seem inflated in comparison to your actual take home revenue. Now you can see a truer representation of revenue earned, giving you a more accurate measure of your live sales’ profitability. 


Add 'View Content' Event to Offline Conversions

What Changed

Now you can add “View Content” to your Offline Event Tracking for Facebook ads. 


Where to Find It

You'll need to use Facebook’s Business Manager to create and track your new offline event. To learn more, see our article for Facebook Offline Conversion Events API (OCE).


Why We Love It

Support for this additional event type should improve the funnel for marketing campaign attribution via Facebook offline conversions. Previously, CommentSold only provided data for the events for “add to cart” and “purchases”, so adding an earlier step in the funnel, “view content”', should assist in determining ad spend.


Filter Added for Custom Shipping Priced Products

What Changed

Before this update, there wasn't an easy way to find products with custom shipping prices. Now you can use the custom shipping price filter to perform a refined search for them.

Where to Find It

If you’ve enabled the “Custom shipping price/product” in your shipping settings, the custom shipping price filter will automatically be available to you.

From the Products tab, click the Filters button at the top of the page. The “Has Custom Shipping Price” filter will appear as an option that can be applied to your search.



Why We Love It

This filter saves you valuable time in your search for products that have custom shipping prices.


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