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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to determine product inventory amounts.
  • How to create product identifiers for product selections and dynamic live sales.
  • How someone can bulk purchase an item with quantity claiming.

About Quantity Claiming for Bulk Purchases

Selling products in multiple or bulk quantities is common practice for a variety of businesses.  Wholesalers, fabric shops, and plant nurseries are a few examples of retailers that use this type of selling.  

With CommentSold, retailers selling in bulk can enable a claiming option that allows their shoppers to purchase multiple quantities of an item with a single comment. 

  Note: Quantity claiming cannot be disabled once our Support team has enabled the feature.

How Quantity Claiming for Bulk Purchases Benefits Your Shop

  • Allow your Facebook shoppers to claim multiple quantities of an item for easy shopping.
  • Streamline your fulfillment process with fewer cuts needed for items sold by length.

How Quantity Claiming Works

Quantity claiming is available for Facebook shoppers only. Shoppers may claim the items on Facebook via a product post or live sale and complete their checkout on your website or mobile app. 

If you have previously linked live sales and posts on Facebook, you will need to unlink these items before enabling quantity claiming. Unlinking posts and lives prevents shopper confusion and potentially carting the wrong amount of an item. 

Quantity claiming uses letters as identifiers instead of the traditional numbers (e.g., SOLD ABC instead of SOLD 102). CommentSold reads the number in a claim comment as the amount of the item the shopper wishes to claim. Learn more about educating shoppers on how to comment shop after you enable quantity claiming here

You will need to contact the CommentSold Support team to have quantity claiming enabled. Select the blue Chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your CommentSold dashboard to start your request.

Determine Product Inventory Amounts

When using quantity claiming, the way you calculate the total amount of units in stock may be slightly different than traditionally entering how many items you have on hand. We recommend that you determine your product inventory calculation approach based on how you will choose to sell the item.

Selling Products by Length Selling Products by Pack/Bundle Selling Single Products

To calculate the number of inventory units for products you sell by length, first decide on a standard selling increment such as half, quarter, or full yard. This standard increment will help shoppers know the amount of an item they will need to claim when they comment claim on items sold by length.

When you add new products sold by length to your CommentSold inventory, the number of units you’ll enter is based on the amount of the product received and your standard selling length.

For example, say you receive 50 yards of rope and you decide your selling length is by the half yard. Your inventory amount would be 100 half yards of rope. 

If a shopper comment claims 2 of the rope, then they will claim 2 half yards (or 1 yard) of rope.

Create Product Identifiers 

When you feature multiple items during a live sale or a Shop the Look (or "Shop the Project") video, each item is assigned an alphabetical identifier.

Live Sale Shop the Look

When you use dynamic selection for a live sale, CommentSold assigns the alphabetical identifier starting with A as you scan each item.

   Posting a single item for sale? You don't need to enter an identifier for a single item post. Shoppers’ claim comments will only include SOLD, the amount they wish to claim, and the applicable variants (e.g., SOLD 5 black medium).

How to Comment Claim with Quantity Claiming

When your shoppers comment on a live sale or Shop the Look post to quantity claim an item, the comment must include the product’s alphabetical identifier, the amount they wish to claim, and the product’s color and/or size variants (e.g., SOLD A 10 blue small).

The claim amount, color, and/or size variants for an item should be separated with a comma or a slash mark when a shopper wants to comment claim multiple variants of an item (e.g., SOLD A 10 blue small, 5 blue medium, 10 pink small, or SOLD A 3 small/5 large).

If an item does not have any variants (i.e., the item comes in only one size and color), then a shopper does not need to include the size or color in the comment. They simply need to comment with the amount of the item they wish to claim (e.g., SOLD A 10).

  Note: CommentSold adds the available inventory amount of the product to a shopper’s cart or waitlist. If an item does not have enough inventory to entirely fulfill a shopper’s claim comment, then CommentSold adds the available inventory amount to the shopper’s cart and the remainder to the shopper’s waitlist.

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