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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to add a featured collection to your webstore homepage.

About Featured Collections

A featured collection allows shops to highlight products in a specific collection. Products can display in a grid layout or slider layout that functions similar to a slideshow.

Featured collections make it easy for shops to get their products in front of shoppers right away and provide a nice jumping-off point for browsing collection items.

How a Featured Collection Benefits Your Shop

  • Get your product photos on your homepage, enabling shoppers to see and navigate to products that interest them right away.
  • Easily change up which collections you feature (e.g., summer dresses for summer, clearance items, holiday gifts, etc.).

Add a Featured Collection to Your Webstore

  1. Select Webstore Design in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. In the Home Page Sections section on the left side of the page, select + Add Section.
  3. Select Featured Collection. The page will automatically refresh and display all published products. This is the default and will change once you select the collection you wish to feature.
  4. If you wish to move the featured collection section to a different location on your homepage, you can drag and drop it within the Home Page Sections section on the left side of the page.

Choose Which Collection to Feature

Once you add a featured collection to your webstore homepage, you can choose which collection to feature.

Choose Which Collection to Feature What Your Shoppers Experience

  1. To edit your featured collection, select the pencil icon on the right side of the section you just added.
  2. In the Featured Collections section, choose which collection to feature from the Collection drop-down.
  3. Enter a Heading, if desired. This displays above the collection and will link the shopper to the collection if selected.
  4. In the Layout Controls section, select how you wish for the featured collection to display.
    • Grid will display collection products in two rows.
    • Slider will display collections in a single row where shoppers can advance collection items at the end of the row, similar to a slideshow behavior.
  5. Select Publish in the top-right corner of the page to publish the changes to your webstore.

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