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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to create a test Facebook group.
  • How to pre-record a live sale.
  • How to schedule your pre-recorded sale to post on your Facebook page and group.

About Pre-Recorded Live Sales

A pre-recorded live sale is a sale you record in advance so that you can broadcast or play it later. Shops can post pre-recorded sales to their Facebook page or group and link the post to CommentSold so that shopper comments can claim and cart items, just like a standard live sale.

With a pre-recorded live sale, shops can offer shoppers the live sale experience when the shop's real-time schedule doesn't allow for an actual live sale (i.e., the shop staff will be on vacation, closed for a holiday, or otherwise unavailable).

  Have you enabled Going Live as Page Instead of Profile? We strongly recommend going live as your Facebook page as it simplifies CommentSold's ability to read SOLD comments. When enabled, CommentSold will send shoppers who've carted items an invoice via Messenger. This message will contain a call-to-action link that will automatically confirm a shopper's account. Learn how to enable this setting here.

How Pre-Recorded Live Sales Benefit Your Shop

  • Stick to a live selling schedule your shoppers love even when you're busy or have travel plans.
  • Prepare for big promotions and holiday seasons with mini live sales you can post throughout a day or week.

Create and Connect Your Facebook Test Group

To pre-record a live sale, you'll first need to create a Facebook test group. 

Step 1: Create a Facebook Test Group Step 2: Connect Your Test Group in CommentSold

First, you'll need to create a test group in Facebook and add the CommentSold app to that group.

  1. Select + Create New Group in the side menu of your Groups page.
  2. On the Create Group page, complete the following:
    • Group Name. Include "TEST" in your group name to distinguish it from other groups linked to your CommentSold account.
    • Choose PrivacySelect Private to keep shoppers from accidentally joining your test group.
    • Hide Group. Select Visible.
  3. Select Create.
  4. On your new test group page, locate and select Group Settings at the bottom of the side menu.
  5. Locate and select Apps at the bottom of the settings page, then select Add apps at the bottom of the pop-up.
  6. Search for CommentSold using the search field in the top-left corner of the page.
  7. Select CommentSold, then select Add.

Pre-Record Your Live Sale

When you pre-record a live sale, you broadcast your sale to your closed test group. Treat it like a regular live sale; you'll download the video from your test group once it's over.

Step 1: Go Live to Your Test Group Step 2: Download Your Live Sale Video

Start your live sale as you usually would, but on Step 3: Choose Where to Go Live, you'll choose a different destination.

  1. Select Choose Where to Go Live, then select Go Live Normally.
  2. In the Stream Targets section, select your Test Group. De-select any other targets, such as your mobile app or webstore, so the sale doesn't broadcast to those platforms.
  3. Select Go Live in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up.

Since you are pre-recording this live sale, you won't have a live audience. That means no real-time shopper questions or SOLD comments. Those will happen in the Facebook post of your pre-recorded video once the post goes live.

Treat this live sale broadcast as you would any other. Talk up the product, fit, design, and other essential points, and feel free to interact with the video as if you have shoppers there. You can ask questions (e.g., Don't you just love this design?) and other engagement strategies to give that live interaction feel.

Schedule Your Pre-Recorded Live Sale on Facebook

Once you download your pre-recorded video, you can schedule your future post on your Facebook page and group.

Schedule via Facebook Group or Page Schedule via Facebook Planner

You can directly schedule your video post on your Facebook page and group.

  1. On your Facebook page or group, select Photo/Video in the Write Something (group) or Create Post (page) section to create a post.
  2. Write your post in the body of the pop-up. 
  3. Copy the Product Selection Name from CommentSold and paste it into your post.
    • Your product selection name should not contain any spaces (i.e., WeddingGuest rather than Wedding Guest). This links the pre-recorded sale post to CommentSold products and allows shopper comments to cart items and generate invoices.
    • Make sure to include a # in front of the name (i.e., #ShopTheLookJan1#StockingStuffers). 
  4. Select Add Photos/Videos to add your pre-recorded video to the post.
  5. Select Calendar Icon to schedule the post for the desired future date and time.
  6. Choose the date and time when you'd like Facebook to post the pre-recorded video, then select Schedule.

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