Rest assured with Delivery Guarantee! With this comprehensive service, customers can protect their purchases against damage, loss, or theft during delivery.

We're excited to offer Delivery Guarantee (DG), a package protection service provided by by Seel. DG service offers your customers enhanced purchase security, protecting against theft, damage, and loss during shipment. 

We designed this article to walk you through Delivery Guarantee–the benefits, how it works, what it covers, and what it costs.

Requirements for Offering Delivery Guarantee

In order to offer Delivery Guarantee to your customers, your shop must:

  • Have Avalara enabled. Avalara will help you capture sales tax information for tax remittance. Learn more about Avalara here.
  • Use CS Fulfillment. CommentSold sends tracking information for Delivery Guarantee orders to Seel so their team can provide assistance to customers who open claims. CS Fulfillment is necessary to send that tracking information.

Benefits of Delivery Guarantee

With Delivery Guarantee, provide assurance, reduce shipping-related complaints, and transform shipping mishaps into opportunities to build trust with your shoppers.

In addition to package protection, Delivery Guarantee also provides: 

  • Improved Shopper Experience. Shoppers can feel confident when making purchases knowing they can easily add protection at a low cost during checkout.
  • Added Revenue for Shops. Delivery Guarantee offers premium protection with no additional cost or liability for the shop. In fact, you’ll receive a revenue share in the fee collected from shoppers, allowing you to earn more while providing enhanced delivery protection to your customers.
  • Builds Trust with Shoppers. Shops can confidently offer shoppers guaranteed delivery or a full refund, which improves conversion and repeat purchases.

How Delivery Guarantee Works 

Here is how Delivery Guarantee works:

  1. You’ll enable Delivery Guarantee on the More Integrations tab in CommentSold.
  2. Customers will then see the option to purchase package protection during checkout. This option is added by default, so a customer will need to disable the Delivery Guarantee toggle to remove it from their order.
  3. After placing their order, customers will receive an email confirmation from Seel detailing their protection. This is separate from the order confirmation they’ll receive from your shop. Customers have 24 hours to request a refund for the protection. This can be done via their Seel confirmation email.
  4. If a package is stolen, damaged, or lost, customers will need to submit a claim via the Seel Resolution Center and work with the Seel team. If the customer’s reported issue qualifies, then Seel will process a refund automatically. Total compensation for a claim is up to the total value the customer paid for the item(s).
  What about the Delivery Guarantee fee? The package protection fee will appear as a line item for the order, alongside taxes and shipping. CommentSold will collect this fee from a shop once the order has been fulfilled. 

What Delivery Guarantee Covers

  • Damage. Covers unusable items that are clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), or crushed, but excludes cosmetic damage, manufacturing defects, packaging errors, or unsealed items. 
  • Loss. Domestic packages not delivered within 30 days and international packages not delivered within 60 days of order fulfillment are considered lost. 
  • Theft. Packages marked “Delivered" but not received are considered stolen; supporting documents, such as a police report, may be required.

What Delivery Guarantee Doesn’t Cover

  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Jewelry (valued over $1,500)
  • Boats and yachts
  • Live animals
  • Cash
  • Lumber
  • Tiles, slab blocks, countertops, or statues made from ceramic, marble or granite
  • Negotiable papers
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Perishable commodities
  • Raw cottonPharmaceutical drugs
  • Fine arts (valued over $10,000 per piece)
  • Precious stones and metals
  • Flowers
  • Scrap metal, steel metal, and steel metal products; automotive engines; general used automotive merchandise made of metal
  • Glass windows, plate glass, and similar goods
  • Securities

Delivery Guarantee Costs and Taxes

Delivery Guarantee is available for customers to purchase during checkout. Fees are calculated at 2% of the cart subtotal, with a minimum fee of $0.98 USD. Subtotal, in this instance, is considered the net sum of the order before shipping and tax.

When customers purchase the Delivery Guarantee service:

  1. Protection is added to the cart as a line item alongside shipping and taxes. Since this is a service you are providing for your shoppers, it may be subject to a sales tax in certain states.
  2. You will collect the fee, including the sales tax, as part of the order payment.
  3. CommentSold will then collect 80% of the protection fee from you once the order has been fulfilled.
  4. CommentSold will pay Seel on your behalf, and you will keep the remaining 20% of the fee as additional revenue to your shop.
  5. Since this is a service that you are making available to your shoppers, you will need to retain the sales taxes collected for the fees and remit them with your standard tax filings. 
  Can Delivery Guarantee be refunded? Customers can request a refund of package protection within 24 hours of their order. This must be done via their Seel Confirmation email. Shops are not responsible for refunding this fee. A refund takes place automatically if canceled within 24 hours and will include the cost of the fee and sales tax paid on the fee.

Enable Delivery Guarantee

Setting up Delivery Guarantee is easy! Head to your More Integrations page in CommentSold to enable this service.

Once enabled, Delivery Guarantee will appear for customers during checkout. Learn more about enabling Delivery Guarantee here.

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