With Delivery Guarantee, customers can purchase low-cost package protection that protects their orders against theft, damage, and loss during shipment. 

If you have enabled Delivery Guarantee, then CommentSold will automatically add protection to their order during checkout. Customers can choose to remove this protection prior to completing their purchase.

Remove Delivery Guarantee During Checkout

Package protection will automatically be added to a customer’s cart and the fee will appear as a line item in the order summary, alongside shipping and taxes.

Shoppers can easily remove Delivery Guarantee from their cart by selecting the purple toggle on the right side of the Delivery Guarantee section. 

  Note: Local pickup and digital goods like gift cards don't qualify for Delivery Guarantee. If an order contains both qualifying and non-qualifying items, Delivery Guarantee will only cover the qualifying ones.

Delivery Guarantee Confirmation

Shoppers will receive an email from CommentSold and Seel with Guaranteed Delivery details. This email will also link them to the Seel Resouce Center if they need to open a claim.

Cancel Delivery Guarantee Protection

Shoppers can cancel Delivery Guarantee protection within 24 hours of their purchase. In their confirmation email, customers will see a Don’t need Delivery Guarantee? callout at the top. They can select the link in this section to proceed with their cancellation.

Once they cancel their protection, they’ll receive an automatic refund of the protection and sales tax for the protection. Refund processing times will vary based on the method of payment. Customers will also receive a confirmation email for the cancellation from Seel. 

Orders with canceled protection will display a Cancelled Delivery Guarantee badge on the order in CommentSold.

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