If a customer purchased Delivery Guarantee for an order and that order was damaged, lost, or stolen in transit, then the customer will need to open a claim with Seel via the Seel Resolution Center.

If a customer reaches out to your team to report a lost, stolen, or damaged order and their order summary shows they purchased Delivery Guarantee, you’ll need to direct them to Seel. You can use this email template to give them the details they need.

Claim Window

Customers must open a claim with Seel within the following time frames:

  • For lost orders, within 90 days of order date if marked not delivered by the carrier.
  • For stole orders, within 7 days of the delivery scan.
  • For damaged orders, within 7 days of the reported delivery date.

All claims must be made within 90 days of the order date. CommentSold passes tracking information to Seel, so Seel will be able to know an enforce these dates.

How to Navigate to the Seel Resolution Center

Customers can access the Seel Resolution Center two places: their Protection Confirmation Email and their Order History page.

Protection Confirmation Email Order History Page

After a customer places an order with Delivery Guarantee, they’ll receive a confirmation email from Seel. 

Customers will select the Report an Issue link which will take them to the Seel Resolution Center.

How to Submit a Delivery Guarantee Claim in Seel

Customers can log in to the Seel Resolution Center using their email address and order number/coverage ID included in their confirmation email. 

If logging in through their confirmation email or Order History page, then this information will be automatically entered.

  1. Customers will select the type of claim they wish to submit.
    • My package was stolen. This option applies to domestic packages not delivered within 30 days, and international packages not delivered within 60 days of order fulfilment are considered lost. 
    • My item(s) was damaged. This option applies to unusable items that are clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), or crushed, but excludes cosmetic damage, manufacturing defects, packaging errors, or unsealed items. 
    • My item(s) was lost. Packages marked “Delivered" but not received are considered stolen. Supporting documents, such as a police report, may be required.
  2. Customers will then select the checkbox to the left of each product for which they wish to submit the claim.
  3. If necessary, customers will be prompted to upload or provide additional information about the items.
  4. Customers will need to select the payment method they wish to receive their refund through if approved. 
  5. Customers must review the claim and select the Confirmation checkbox. This certifies that all the information provided is truthful and accurate
  6. Once they have reviewed the claim information, they can select Submit.

Once the customer submits their claim, they’ll receive a confirmation email from Seel with a summary of the claim details.

Claim Acceptance and Refund

Once Seel verifies and accepts the claim, the customer will receive a claim acceptance email.

After accepting a claim, Seel processes the refund and deposits the amount based on the payout method chosen by the customer.

  • Direct Deposit: 1-3 business days following return acceptance
  • Virtual Visa Card: 1 hour following return acceptance
  • PayPal Transfer: 1 hour following return acceptance
  • Venmo Transfer: 1 hour following return acceptance

If Seel rejects the claim, the shopper will receive a claim rejection email with the necessary details as to why the claim was rejected.

Assisting Customers With Claim Issues

If a customer reaches out to your team for assistance creating a claim, first verify that they purchased Delivery Guarantee on their order. This can be done on your Orders page.

If they did purchase Delivery Guarantee, direct them to the Seel Resolution Center via their protection confirmation email or their Order History page, as discussed earlier in this article.

For any other shopper issues, instruct the customer to reach out to Seel directly at support@seel.com or returns@seel.com. Both email addresses are monitored by the Seel Shopper Support Team.

Email Template for Assisting Customers with Claim Requests

You can use the below email template as a base for communicating important Seel and Delivery Guarantee-related information to your customers. Feel free to make edits as it makes sense for your shop.

Subject: Assistance with Your Delivery Guarantee Coverage Request

Dear [Customer's Name],

Thank you for contacting us about your Delivery Guarantee claim request. We're here to help!

If you need to open a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged order, head to the Seel Resolution Center. You will need your email and order number to log into the center and submit your claim.

For any other issues, please reach out to Seel Shopper Support at support@seel.com or returns@seel.com.

Both email addresses are actively monitored by the Seel Shopper Support Team to ensure prompt assistance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

[Your Name]  

[Your Position]  

[Your Contact Information]  

[Your ShopName]

We realize some issues may require escalation, either on behalf of a customer concern or to provide you with additional business support. 

Feel free to submit your request using Seel’s Merchant Inquiry Form or by emailing the Merchant Support team at merchant@seel.com. Seel has a specialized Merchant Support Team trained to support merchants with any questions or concerns.

If reaching out on behalf of a shopper, please ensure you include the following information:

  • Shopper Email Address
  • Order Number
  • Tracking Number 
  • Description of the Issue

Claim Submission Errors Requiring Your Assistance

Sometimes, a customer may encounter an unexpected message in the Seel Resolution Center. Below are two common errors and t such as:

Error: “No Seel coverage found”

Action Needed:

  • You will need to escalate the error to the Seel Merchant Support on behalf of the customer.
  • You’ll need to include a screenshot of the Order Summary, showing the Delivery Guarantee badge, and the Seel coverage purchased for the order.
  • The customer will need to provide you with either a forwarded copy of their confirmation email from Seel or a screenshot of their confirmation ID.

Error: “Order shows as Unfulfilled or Undelivered”

Action Needed:

  • You must escalate this to Seel Merchant Support on behalf of the customer. Include the tracking number associated with the order to confirm the latest tracking status and update accordingly.
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