Avalara is a software solution that automates tax compliance for retailers, helping businesses track what they owe and file taxes.

CommentSold purchases Avalara accounts for all businesses, and our integration simplifies sales tax calculations for all 50 states. Avalara stores this tax information for you to review and pay, or remit, these taxes. It also accounts for sales tax on returned items. Avalara will also file and send payment to the necessary states for an additional fee.

We recommend you set up Avalara as soon as possible. Tax codes will automatically populate on any items added once you have set this up. You'll need to manually assign tax codes to any product created before you set Avalara up. 

  Note: While Avalara can help you collect and remit taxes, we recommend that you work with a tax professional. CommentSold cannot give tax advice.

How Avalara Benefits Your Business

  • Have Avalara manage sales tax rules across multiple regions (e.g., states, counties, etc.).
  • Stay compliant with sales taxes requirements, processes, and payments.

Create an Avalara Account

For your Avalara setup, you'll be in both CommentSold and Avalara. We walk you through creating your account via CommentSold, then logging into your Avalara account.

Step 1: Create Avalara Account Step 2: Set Avalara Password

  1. Select Setup in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Taxes in the menu at the top of the page.
  3. In the Avalara section, select Create New Avalara Account.
  4. Complete all fields in the pop-up and select the checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up to accept terms and conditions.
  5. Select Create Account.

CommentSold will notify you once your account has been created.

  Note: CommentSold will automatically populate the Set Avalara API Keys and Set Avalara Company fields. You do not need to change or update either of these fields.

Configure Your Avalara Account

Once you've created your Avalara account, you'll need to confirm where you collect taxes. You'll also need to grab your default product code from Avalara and add it to CommentSold.

Step 1: Manage Tax Collection Settings in Avalara Step 2: Configure in CommentSold

Your shop's city, county, and state will have automatically populated in Avalara as your region for collecting tax during the account creation process. You can add additional regions if necessary.

  1. Log in to your Avalara account.
  2. Select Settings at the top of the page.
  3. Select Where you collect tax from the options listed.
  4. Confirm the correct region for tax collection. If you collect taxes elsewhere, add those locations by selecting the + Add to where you collect sales and use tax link.

If you reach the nexus threshold for another state (i.e., you have now generated enough sales in that state to pay sales tax), you will need to add that state as a location.

Don't worry—Avalara tracks these amounts and will let you know via your dashboard if there is a state you need to add. You can add it by selecting  + Add to where you collect sales and use tax at the top of the Where you collect tax page. Learn more about adding new states and regions here.

Add Tax Codes to Products

Every product you add to CommentSold will need a tax code. CommentSold will apply the default product tax code you added on your Taxes tab; however, you can change product-specific tax codes for an individual product and in bulk.

Add Tax Code to a Single Product Update Tax Code in Bulk

You can enter the appropriate tax code on the product record if a product falls in a category different from your default product tax code. 

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the product you need to update and select the three dots on the far right of the product row.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Locate the Tax Code field on the right side of the page and select the Search Avalara Tax Codes link.
  5. In Avalara, enter a merchandise keyword for your shop in the field provided and select Search.
  6. Locate your merchandise code and select the tile. This automatically copies the code for you.
  7. In CommentSold, paste your code in the Tax Code field.
  8. Select Save.

View Transactions in Avalara

You can view invoiced transactions, if desired, from your Avalara account. CommentSold sends these transactions to Avalara.

  1. Log in to your Avalara account.
  2. Select Transactions at the top of the page.

  Colorado Retail Delivery Fee. Effective July 1, 2024, the state of Colorado will impose a $0.29 Retail Delivery Fee on all deliveries by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado. This delivery fee with show as an additional line item in Avalara for those transactions with an end destination in Colorado. Learn more about this tax update here.

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