Retailers can advertise multiple products in a single Facebook post and link that post to CommentSold. In doing so, the retailers make it easy for shoppers to cart one or more products through a comment (e.g., SOLD 102 small).

Multi-product posts are ideal for retailers looking for an easy way to present curated looks or collections on their Facebook page.

How Multiple Products in a Post Benefits Your Business

  • Curate specific looks that you want to showcase in a Facebook post (e.g., wedding guest looks, holiday decor, etc.)
  • Feature products from a specific category (e.g., jewelry must-haves, throw blankets, etc.)
  • Provide a shopper with all the information they need to cart one or more products using Facebook comments.

Before You Post

In order to feature multiple products in a Facebook post, you’ll need to complete the following tasks first:

  • Create a product selection. A product selection groups the products you wish to feature together in a single collection that you can link to the Facebook post.
  • Gather your product images. You will create a Facebook post using the Photo/Video option, which means you'll need some product images handy. You can create a special collage image or pull specific product photos from CommentSold. We recommend you add the identifier a shopper will need to comment in order to cart the item to the product image. You can also use a video to showcase the products.
  • Enable autolinking (optional). With autolinking, you need only add the product selection name (e.g., #productselection, #weddingguest, #holidaydecor, etc.) to the post description to link the products to CommentSold. Otherwise, you will need to manually link the post to the product selection in CommentSold. You can turn on autolinking on your Facebook setup page in CommentSold. Simply enable the Autolink Posts to Product Selection toggle.

Create and Link Your Multiple Product Post on Facebook

Once you have created a product selection, you can create your multi-product post on Facebook. We walk through the process of autolinking and manually linking your post to CommentSold in the tabs below.

Autolink Your Post Manually Link Your Post

  1. On your Facebook page, select the Photo/Video option in the Create Post section.
  2. Write your post in the body of the pop-up.
    • Make sure to list the Product Identifiers for each item included in your product selection so shoppers know how they can claim specific items.
    • Copy the Product Selection Name from CommentSold and paste it into your post. Make sure to include a # in front of the name (i.e.,#ShopTheLookJan1,#StockingStuffers). This allows the post to flow through to your app.
  3. Add the photo(s) you wish to include in the post. 
  4. Select Post.

Once posted, you can verify your post linked correctly by selecting Post in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard. It will appear on the Facebook Posts tab.

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