This article will walk you through the steps to offer PayPal as a payment method in your CommentSold mobile app.


To accept PayPal in your CommentSold mobile app, you will need a valid Braintree token configured in the Mobile App tab in your CommentSold dashboard.


Note: PayPal One Touch does not currently work with the CommentSold mobile app.


If you had a PayPal account linked to CommentSold during your mobile app setup, the Braintree token should have automatically populated for you. If you are adding PayPal as a new payment gateway, or if your PayPal details have changed, follow the steps below to connect.


First, be sure your PayPal account is a business account. If so, you will be able to access your API token here. Click "Show" to view the token. Copy this to your clipboard.


Note: The token you provide to CommentSold must be a production key, not a sandbox key. Production keys will have $production$ somewhere within the key, whereas sandbox keys will have $sand_box$ within the key.


In your CommentSold dashboard, navigate to Mobile App Settings. Scroll down to Integrations and paste the token you copied into the box for Braintree Token.



Click Save and make sure you receive a confirmation message!

You are now ready to accept payments with PayPal in your mobile app!

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