Excited to start selling on TikTok? We are too! Read on to learn more about the uniqueness of this platform and the selling experience. Tik Tok

Selling on TikTok differs from selling on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. 

It’s important that you familiarize yourself with TikTok before you go live on TikTok Live and post shoppable TikToks. This will help your business stay in good standing with TikTok and will benefit the exposure your shop receives via TikTok’s algorithm.

How Selling on TikTok Works

Before you can sell on TikTok, you'll need to create and configure your seller account. This process has three steps that must be completed in the following order:

  1. Register your business with TikTok
  2. Configure shipping for TikTok orders
  3. Sync your products from CommentSold to TikTok

You’ll want to ensure you sync products you intend to feature and sell on TikTok 48 hours before a live sale.

When shoppers shop a TikTok live or a shoppable TikTok, they will complete their purchase through TikTok’s native checkout. The order will then flow to your CommentSold dashboard, where your team can process and fulfill the order.

TikTok only requires a shipping address and phone number at checkout. An email is not required. TikTok does not sync customer emails to third parties, including CommentSold. This means TikTok customers are not eligible for CommentSold loyalty programs, gift cards, and marketing automations.

   Important! TikTok has strict turnaround times for order shipment. You must ship a TikTok order within 3 business days of receiving the order; otherwise, you risk negatively impacting your Seller Score.

New Seller Probation Period

TikTok requires all new sellers (both individual and corporate) enter a "New Seller Probation Period." The period helps sellers adjust to the unique fulfillment requirements of the platform, and ensure a positive experience for both the seller and the shopper.

To learn more about the New Seller Probation Period, such as daily order limits and criteria for graduation from the period, please check review TikTok's New Seller Probation Period article.

Your TikTok Seller Score

TikTok has specific expectations of performance and behavior from sellers using their platform to sell products. These expectations are to ensure a positive shopping environment and experience that shoppers can trust. 

Your Seller Score also impacts your visibility and discoverability on the platform. As a business accumulates violation points, it will be more difficult for new viewers and shoppers to see and discover its content. 

As such, TikTok will issue “violation points” to those sellers whose behavior goes against those expectations. If a seller accumulates a total of 48 violation points, TikTok will revoke their ability to sell on the platform. 

The following are policies regarding violation points for sellers:

  • A seller’s accumulated violation points will reset every 180 calendar days beginning from the date TikTok issued selling permission. 
  • Upon accumulating 48 points or more, TikTok will permanently revoke a seller's e-commerce permission.
  • If TikTok temporarily deactivates a seller's e-commerce permission, then their accumulated violation points will not reset unless the seller successfully appeals against the violation record.

Learn more about TikTok Seller Score violations here.

The Don’ts of Selling on TikTok

Below are some Don’ts when it comes to selling on TikTok. Avoiding these items ensures your business stays in good standing with TikTok and reduces the risk of receiving violation points.

When selling on TikTok, don’t:

  • Target and promote products specifically geared towards children (aged 18 and under).
  • Use copyrighted music or images (e.g., logos).
  • Sell products prohibited by TikTok.
  • Run preorders. These orders violate TikTok’s strict shipping turnaround requirements.
  • Promote CS coupon codes. These codes will not work on TikTok. You must create TikTok-specific coupon codes.
  • Sell gift cards.
  • Encourage shoppers to checkout via your webstore or mobile app.
  A note on jewelry: CommentSold will not automatically sync jewelry products due to the increased likelihood TikTok will reject products of this nature. You can manually sync jewelry products that do not contain precious metals or gems to TikTok on the individual product record. If you're interested in selling jewelry on TikTok, check out our TikTok Jewelry Best Practices article.
  A note on beauty, food, and beverage products: TikTok requires you include an image that shows a product's ingredients/contents for any cosmetic, packaged foods, and beverage products. You can add this to the product's media on the product record so the image syncs to TikTok for approval.

Syncing Products to TikTok

We walk through how to connect your TikTok account in CS and start your initial product sync here. However, there are some important, high-level things to know about the general product sync process:

  1. TikTok only syncs 100 products day. This means, that for that initial product sync, TikTok will only sync your 100 most recent products (in the time frame you choose).
  2. Newly created products auto-sync. When you create a new product record, it will automatically sync to TikTok and count as part of the "100 products a day" maximum. 
  3. Edited products will automatically re-sync. When you edit a product, such as the name, product details, or images, the product will automatically resync to TikTok and count as part of the "100 products a day" maximum.
  4. All synced products must undergo review & approval from TikTok. The review and approval process can take up to 48 hours.

If you would rather choose which products sync to TikTok, then you can disable automatic product sync and manually sync products individually. Learn more here.

Shipping TikTok Orders

You must ship out TikTok orders within 3 Business Days. If you ship out TikTok orders after 3 business days, your TikTok Seller Score may be impacted. 

If an order is not shipped out within 5 business days, then the customer can cancel their order in TikTok using the option “Order was Not Shipped on Time” and receive a refund.

TikTok customers can cancel orders without your approval if your TikTok shipping type is Shipped by Seller and the customer makes the request less than one (1) hour from the time of ordering.

   A note on Shopify orders: If you fulfill orders via Shopify, then you'll need to confirm that tracking information has flowed through to TikTok as this information is required..

TikTok and Dropship Products

CommentSold will not automatically sync CommentSold Dropship Program products, and we ask that you NOT sell CommentSold Dropship Program products through TikTok because of TikTok’s shipping requirements.

If you do choose to sell dropship products from another dropship supplier, please be aware that TikTok requires orders to be shipped within 3 business days. Failure to meet this shipping time can result in TikTok Seller violations and points against your Seller Score.

TikTok Payouts

You'll receive a payout for a TikTok order 14 business days after you ship the order. This excludes weekends and holidays.

Your TikTok Live Sale Strategy

When it comes to TikTok, it’s best to create short-form and unique live content.

While longer live sales might work for shoppers familiar with your webstore or mobile app, TikTok viewers are used to short, fun, and interesting content.

For example, consider "Get Ready With Me" videos (#GRWM). Creators create short content that shows them getting ready for a special event, exciting adventure, or just a typical weekday. 

You can create a similar experience by going live to feature products that create a full look (e.g. "Get Ready for Date Night" or "Date Night Looks"). These live sales would be short, focused, and feature the same 5-6 products multiple times.

Additionally, TikTok viewers may be unfamiliar with the typical live sale format and less likely to stick around during product transitions. You’ll want to make these transitions quick and high-energy.

What Now?

If you’re ready to get started with selling on TikTok, reach out to your Customer Growth Specialist or our Support team via the Support icon in the bottom-right corner of your CommentSold dashboard.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

  • Are there any additional fees for selling on TikTok?
    • At this time, Tiktok is not charging any fees for selling through its platform. 
    • Standard CS fees (commission, subscription) and any payment gateway/processing fees will apply. 
    • Currently, the payment gateway and processing fees are 2% + $0.30 per transaction via PayPal for TikTok’s native checkout.
  • Does TikTok shopper information show in CommentSold?
    • TikTok only requires a shipping address and phone number at checkout. An email is not required. 
    • TikTok does not sync customer emails to third parties, including CommentSold. This means TikTok customers are not eligible for CommentSold loyalty programs, gift cards, and marketing automations.
  • Will my cart timer work on TikTok the way I set it up in CommentSold?
    • No, the CommentSold cart timer does not work in TikTok. Since checkout is completed entirely on TikTok, it’s essentially “First Paid, First Served” for TikTok customers.
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