Want to sneak a peek at how your current website or page design would look for your shoppers? Read on to learn how!

Working on a design for a new home page or collection, and want to see how the page would look to those browsing your site? Website Creator’s Live View function opens the current page you’re designing in a new browser tab so you can see how it appears outside the editor.

This is a great way to preview how design elements like text, images, and widgets come together to create the flow of a page.

  Note: You must first enable your website to view a Live View preview. You can enable your website on the Shop tab of your Setup page.

View a Live Preview of a Page

If you are currently designing the page and want to preview it, you can select Live View in the top-right corner of your Site Creator.

Preview Mobile Device Experience

You can select the Mobile icon in the top-right corner of your Site Creator to view how the current page you’re designing will appear on a mobile device.

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