CommentSold handles fraudulent dispute claims, including coverage for qualifying fees. With CS Fraud Protection, we protect your revenue from bad actors so you can have peace of mind knowing your sales are yours to keep. 

When a customer disputes a fraudulent purchase, such as an unauthorized purchase, made through CS Payments, CommentSold will handle the claim. This includes the associated fees, disputed revenue amounts, required responses, or other related action items.

CommentSold also handles required responses and monitoring of non-fraudulent customer disputes. However, the following dispute types are not covered under CS Fraud Protection.

Examples of dispute types not covered by CS Fraud Protection include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit not processed
  • Duplicate charge
  • Product not received
  • Product unacceptable

Dispute reasons like lost packages and unfulfilled orders will not be included as part of standard CS Fraud Protection coverage. Please review Terms and Conditions here.

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