Welcome to the official best practices guide for using  Popclips - Shoppable Videos, your go-to solution for enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales 

Popclips transforms your product pages and marketing channels into dynamic, video-driven shopping experiences. This guide outlines essential strategies and creative tips to maximize the impact of Popclips on your website or app.

What Are Popclips? 

Popclips are short, shoppable video clips that allow you to upload and tag up to five products per video. These clips can be featured across your website, mobile app, and various marketing channels, offering multiple benefits:

  • Product Detail Page Enhancement: Videos automatically appear on the product detail pages of tagged items, providing instant video engagement.
  • Mobile App Integration: A dedicated 'POPCLIPS' tab in mobile apps offers a swipe-up feed of shoppable videos, reminiscent of TikTok, enhancing user engagement and personalizing the shopping experience.
  • Versatile Embedding: Popclips can be embedded across your website, in emails, and on external blogs, ensuring a cohesive and immersive shopping journey.

Best Practices for Popclips 

Popclips help to close the gap between product discovery and purchase. Follow these best practices to increase your sales by 3x+ and engagement by 4x+!

Leverage Social Media Content

Repurpose your existing social media clips by uploading them as Popclips. This approach not only extends the reach of your content but also cultivates a social media-like atmosphere on your platforms, encouraging longer engagement and impulse purchases.

Incorporate Video Shoots into Routine Product Shoots

Allocate an extra few minutes during product shoots to create short outfit/product explainer videos. This small investment of time significantly enriches the customer experience on your site/app, providing engaging content that aids in purchase decisions.

Create Shop the Look Popclips

Optimize your content creation efforts by shooting POPCLIPS for head-to-toe looks, tagging up to five products in each Popclip. This strategy showcases complete looks, encouraging customers to purchase entire outfits rather than individual pieces, thereby increasing average order value (AOV) and gross merchandise value (GMV).

Focus on Video Length and Content

Aim for Popclips that are 30-60 seconds. Authenticity and clear communication of the products' value in terms of price and material are crucial. Effective product explainer videos not only enhance commercial appeal but also help establish a genuine connection with your audience.

Leverage Your Iives with AI ClipHero

Follow the best practices guide for AI ClipHero and make the most out of your live sales by automatically generating shoppable clips. AI ClipHero clips can be effortlessly converted into Popclips and reduce video production time massively, all while making your lives even more valuable as they keep selling in the ‘crowd favorite’ short videos format.


Popclips by CommentSold represents a pioneering step towards creating a more engaging and personalized online shopping experience. By following these best practices, you can effectively harness the power of video to captivate audiences, enhance product visibility, and drive sales. 

Start integrating these strategies into your marketing efforts today and witness the transformative impact of Popclips on your eCommerce success!


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