A Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel) collects data on conversions from Facebook ads and actions taken on your website (e.g., product views, product added to cart, etc.). You can use this data to build targeted audiences for future ads, such as retargeting ads for shoppers who have visited your website but haven't made a purchase.

If you already have an existing Meta Pixel ID and want to add Conversions API to your website, you simply need to generate a Conversion API token for your Pixel ID and add it to your CommentSold account.

Step 1: Generate Conversions API Token In An Existing Pixel ID

  1. Navigate to your Facebook page and select Meta Business Suite from the side menu.
  2. Select All Tools in the side menu of your Meta Business Suite.
  3. In the Advertise section, select Events Manager.
  4. Select Data Sources in the side menu.
  5. Locate and select your existing Pixel ID.
  6. Select the Settings tab on the right side of the page.
  7. Locate Set up direct integration, and select Generate access token.
  8. Copy your Access token. Simply select the token to automatically copy it to your device.

Step 2: Add Conversion API Token To CommentSold

  1. In a new tab, open your CommentSold account, hover over the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard, then select Site Creator.
  2. Select Settings at the top of your Site Creator.
  3. Select and expand the Marketing section in the side menu.
  4. Select Ad Conversion Channels.
  5. Select Meta.
  6. Select and expand the Facebook Pixel and CAPI section.
  7. Paste the copied Access Token in the Conversion API Access Token field.
  8. Select Update.
  9. Once done, review the changes and select Publish at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Test The Events

Next, you’ll want to test that your Pixel is working and tracking events. You can do this through the Test Events option.

  1. Go back to the Facebook Data Sources page and select the Test Events tab on the top.
  2. Expand Confirm your website’s events are set up correctly tab.
  3. Enter your Website URL and select Open website.
  4. Perform a test behavior of shopper on the website (e.g., view a product, add a product to your cart, etc.).
  5. Go back to the Facebook Data Sources page and verify the activity appears.

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