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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to set up your mobile app.
  • How to upload visual assets for your mobile app.
  • How to post items to your mobile app.

About the Mobile App

A mobile application (app) is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone.

With CommentSold, you can launch a mobile app for your shop. While CommentSold will handle the app development and launch for you, there are some steps you will need to take to provide our team with the information to do so. In this article, we cover how to prepare and what to expect so you can plan accordingly and fast-track your app launch.

  Note: If you already have an app with another provider, you can still launch an app with CommentSold. Learn more about how to change your app provider here.

How the Mobile App Benefits Your Shop

  • Shops generate an average of 67% of their total revenue through their branded mobile app.
  • Create a professional, highly-branded mobile app that reflects the look, feel, and personality of your shop.
  • Make it easier than ever for shoppers to browse, cart, and purchase items from their phones.
  • Choose to host live sales exclusively on your app or opt to include it in one of many sales channels when going live.
  • Configure stories from your Instagram account to publish to your app.

Step 1: Choose Your App Setup Method

The first step is choosing how you wish to set up your app with Apple. You have two options: you can use CommentSold's shared developer account or you can create your own developer account. We discuss the benefits of both and the steps involved below.

Use CommentSold Shared Account Use Your Apple Developer Account

Choosing Use a CommentSold shared Apple account can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your app up and running because you're not required to obtain a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number and create an Apple Developer account—two steps that can take upwards of 30 days to complete.

While the app creator will show as CommentSold, you will still be able to brand the name of your app.

You can always choose to create your own Apple account at a later date and transfer your app from the shared account to your own.

Once you've completed the fields on this page, select Next Step at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Add App Information

The next step will be to add information about your app such as your desired app name, colors, and intended demographic. 

  • App Display Name. Enter three unique app names. We will attempt to use the first name you enter and will move down the list if preceding names have been taken.
  • Contact Us URL. Enter the URL for your webstore contact or "About Us" page. This URL cannot be an email address, Facebook page, or a page where a shopper would need to log in to reach you.
  • Colors. Enter the hex code or use the color slider to select your Primary (Tint) Color and Secondary (Background) Color. Your primary color will highlight certain elements such as navigation tabs, prices, and buttons while your secondary color will appear on your login button. Select View Examples in the top-right corner of this section to view an example of these two colors in an app.
    • Note that pure white (#FFFFFF) will be automatically rejected. Additionally, you should avoid near white or off-white colors.
    • Choose colors that will make it easy for shoppers to see and read white text.
  • App Age Restriction. Select the appropriate target audience for your app and content.

Once you've completed the fields on this page, select Next Step at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Upload Your Visual Assets

Next, you'll send your brand images and colors to the CommentSold design team. If you do not have all of the required assets in the formats and sizes requested, you can submit what you do have available.

App Icon Header Logo Launch Screen Image References

We recommend that you use your brand's logo as your app icon. The image you submit should be square. 

Don't have an app logo yet? We created this template with the recommended size requirements to help get you started. Simply add images and/or text, as desired.

  1. In the App Icon section, select Click to Browse to upload a logo from your device. You can also drag and drop the image in the App Icon field.
    • Required Size: Minimum of 1536px x 1536px for best quality.
    • Required File Type: JPEG
  2. If you wish to leave a note for our designers, select the note icon that appears above the top-right corner of the uploaded image. Select Save to save your note.
  3. To delete an uploaded image, hover over the image and select Delete.

Once you're done uploading your assets, select Submit Assets at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Approve Visual Assets

Once our designers have prepared your assets, you'll be notified to approve them. When assets are ready for approval, they will appear in the Asset Approval tab. You will need to approve them in order for app development to move forward.

  1. Review your App Icon. Select Approve or Reject from the drop-down in the top-right corner of this section. If rejecting, please provide specific reasons for our design team (i.e., The font is too hard to read or The color is too bright).
  2. Review your Homepage. Select Approve or Reject from the drop-down in the top-right corner of this section. If rejecting, please provide specific reasons for our design team.
  3. Review your Launch Screen. Select Approve or Reject from the drop-down in the top-right corner of this section. If rejecting, please provide specific reasons for our design team.

Once all assets look good to you, you can select Submit and Finalize My Assets at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Post Products To Your App Before Review

Before we can submit your app to the App Store and Google Play Store for review, you will need to publish, at minimum, nine (9) products to your app. This allows reviewers to get a full sense of the purpose and content of your app so they can approve it.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the 9 items you wish to publish to your app and select the checkbox to the left of each product.
  3. At the top of the product listing, select the green Selected drop-down.
  4. Select Post to App.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the following page and select Save Post.

Check Your Mobile App Approval Status

If you opted to set up your mobile app using a CommentSold shared account, then the App Status tracker will begin showing daily updates on the status of your app. If you choose to set up your mobile app using your own Apple Developer Account, then you'll see these updates once Apple has approved your account.

This tracker is your best source of updates during the app development and approval process. Any issues during this process will display in the Logs section beneath the tracker. In some cases, we may contact you to help resolve an issue.

Once your app launches, you can use the Mobile App page in your CommentSold dashboard to send and automate push notifications, change your app branding, and change your mobile app settings. Learn more about the settings and features available to you post-launch here.

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