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Is there a feature you would love to see CommentSold add or update? CommentSold uses a platform called Canny to allow you and your team to submit feature requests and vote on other retailers' submissions. Any CommentSold retailer can submit requests for new features and updates to existing ones and vote.

Submit a Feature Request Vote on a Feature Request

Before you submit a new feature request, use the Search field in the top-right corner of Canny to see if the idea was already submitted. If so, you can upvote the existing request by selecting the number to the left of the request. If not, create a new post with any details relevant to your request.

  1. Head over to our Canny feature request page.
  2. On the left side of the page, enter a short description of your request in the Title field. 
    • Does your request already exist? As you enter a title, Canny will filter existing requests on the right side of the page. This can help you identify whether your request already exists. If it does, please vote on the idea rather than submitting a duplicate request.
  3. Expand upon your request in the Details section. You can give more information and share why the feature or update would positively impact your business.
  4. Select Create Post.

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