Ready to sell products on TikTok? Before you do, make sure you review and understand TikTok’s Return Policy. Tik Tok

If you sell on TikTok, then you must follow TikTok’s return policy for those orders placed via TikTok (even if these policies differ from the one you set for your orders placed via your webstore, mobile app, etc). This is a requirement for all merchants who sell via TikTok.

Not adhering to this policy can negatively impact your Seller Score.

We walk through the policy below, but you can review TikTok’s official in-depth policy documentation here.

Return Window for TikTok Orders

  • A customer has 30 days from the date of delivery to request a return or refund.
  • In addition to those 30 days, a customer can request a return or refund under TikTok’s Buyer Protection Program within 90 calendar days of the date of delivery.
   What is the Buyer Protection Program? TikTok designed this program to protect shoppers who purchase from a TikTok Shop. If a customer experiences product issues and is unable to resolve the issue directly with the merchant, then they can raise a case to TikTok Shop within 90 calendar days from the order delivery date. 

Requirements for Handling a Return

You will be alerted to all TikTok Return requests via a banner at the top of your CommentSold dashboard.

  • You must respond to all return requests within 48 hours of submission.
  • Any unaddressed return and refund requests will be automatically approved by TikTok.
  • Refunds must be issued within 5 business days and the refund amount must include the purchase price, as well as shipping, handling, and taxes.

If there is an issue with a returned item, you can submit an appeal to be compensated for the return request under Orders > Manage Returns in your TikTok Seller Center.

You can learn more about TikTok's return policy in the TikTok Shop Academy.

Return Reasons for TikTok Orders

Customers who placed an order via TikTok can request a full or partial return for the following reasons:

  • ​The wrong product, or a product with missing parts or accessories, was delivered. 
  • The product is not in compliance with the contract of sale.
  • ​The product is incomplete, defective, damaged, or in otherwise unacceptable condition.
  • The product does not match the description provided at the time of purchase.
  • The customer changed their mind about the purchase.
  • ​The seller did not fulfill their delivery commitments (such as delayed shipping or delayed delivery).

Requirements for Partial and Full Returns

TikTok allows for both full and partial returns. These requests appear in your CommentSold system and should be processed as you would process a non-TikTok partial or full return request.

Below is an example of how a partial return request appears in CommentSold. You'll note that the second item in the order is the item for which the customer is requesting a return.

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