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Want to give your shoppers an exciting and highly-engaging shopping experience? Live selling is how! Read on to learn more.

Live selling lets shops provide their customers with an engaging and interactive buying experience. Shops showcase products, highlight details such as fit, texture, and material, and provide an easy way for customers to make a purchase.

CommentSold offers a multi-channel live selling experience which means your shop can "go live" across your social media accounts, webstore, and mobile app simultaneously.

With live selling, you can:

  • Build trust and connection with shoppers by responding to their comments and questions in real-time.
  • Provide shoppers with a highly-branded buying experience that reflects the personality of your shop.
  • Plan ahead by creating a product selection or create your sale on the fly by scanning barcodes or searching items by SKU or name.
  • Look back on past live sale performance to gain insights into customer engagement, inventory performance, and more.
  Plan to go live on Facebook? We strongly recommend going live as your Facebook page as it simplifies CommentSold's ability to read SOLD comments. When enabled, CommentSold will send shoppers who've carted items an invoice via Messenger. This message will contain a call-to-action link that will automatically confirm a shopper's account. Learn how to enable the Going Live as Page Instead of Profile setting here.

Go Live with CommentSold

To get started with your live sale, you'll want to head over to your live sale overview. This is where you'll verify your broadcast stream, choose your products, and pick where you want your live sale broadcast to appear.

What Tools You'll Need to Go Live

Before your first live sale, you'll want to make sure you have the following tools in your Go Live space:

  • A computer where your team can manage the live sale overview, such as responding to shopper comments and questions.
  • A mobile device with the CommentSold Broadcast app installed. This app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • A strong internet connection. We recommend an upload speed of 10 Mbps on the mobile device you'll use to stream.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser (over Safari, Firefox, or Edge). Chrome offers a more user-friendly and optimized experience when it comes to CommentSold.
  • Optional: If you want to scan item barcodes to add products to your live sale, we recommend either the Zebra DS9208 Series Scanner with USB Cable or the BCST-70 Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner. You may also use any 1D scanner that is a keyboard emulator.

  1. Select Live in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Live Overview from the menu options at the top of the page.

Once a sale is live, this overview becomes your "control panel" where you can keep an eye on important sales details. More on that below.

Enable Your Preferred Live Sale Settings

Before each live sale, you'll want to review your live sale settings to ensure your preferred settings are enabled for your upcoming sale.

You can locate these settings at the bottom of your live overview page, beneath the Real-Time Comments section.

  • Hide Sold comments on this page. Hide "Sold" comments in your real-time comments feed. This would allow your talent or behind-the-scenes team to see questions easier.
  • Cross out sold out variants on Overlay? Cross out sizes and colors as they sell out so your shoppers know what's still available. This can also create urgency to purchase.
  • Create "Sold" comments when App or Web Users add items to their carts. Generate "Sold" comments in your real-time comments feed when app and webstore shoppers grab an item.

Step 1: Set Up Your Live Sale Broadcast

First, you'll want to start your live sale broadcast on the CommentSold Broadcasting app installed on the mobile device you'll be using for your live sale.

Start Your Live Sale Broadcast View Your Broadcast in Your Live Sale Overview

CommentSold Broadcasting app on an iOS device

  1. Log in to your CommentSold Broadcasting app. Use the same login credentials that you use to log in to your CommentSold dashboard.
    • If you are using an iOS device, you will be taken to a Products listing. Select the Broadcast icon at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to your broadcast camera view.
    • If you are using an Android device, you will be taken directly to your broadcast camera view.
  2. When you are ready to continue setting up your live sale, tap the red record button. Don't worry—you're not live yet.
Note: We are working hard to publish updates for the Android app. At this time, the Android app only offers video and audio capture for live sales.

Step 2: Choose Which Products You Want to Sell

When it comes to selecting products for your live sale, you have two options: you can create a product selection ahead of the live sale or you can scan or add items on the fly.

Choose a Product Selection Scan or Add Items on the Fly

If you wish to feature a product selection in your live sale, then you will need to create a product selection prior to going live. You'll also want to order these items in the order you wish to feature them during the sale.

  1. Locate the Products section on the left side of your overview, beneath your live broadcast preview.
  2. Select Choose Product Selection from the options listed. Learn how to create a product selection here.
  3. From the pop-up window, select which product selection you'd like to feature in the live sale.
  4. Select Next.
Note: Once you choose a product selection, your live stream preview will refresh to include the live overlay. We recommend you select Clear Overlay at the top of the page before you go live. This ensures shoppers don't try to claim items shown on the overlay before you are ready.

Step 3: Choose Where to Go Live

  1. Locate the Real-Time Comments section on the right side of your overview, and select Choose Where to Go Live.
  2. Choose whether to Go Live Normally or to Copy & Paste Your Stream URLs. You would choose the second option if you wish to live stream on Facebook using stream keys.
  3. Once you select an option, you can choose the Stream Targets where you wish to go live. Options include your Facebook page, Facebook group(s), webstore, and mobile app.
    • If live selling on Facebook, you can include a Post Title and Description to appear as the title and caption of your live sale on Facebook.
    • If selling on your mobile app, you can include an App Notification Title and Description that will push to those shoppers with app notifications enabled.
    • Last, you can send a live sale notification using Messenger in the Messenger Text field.
  4. When you are ready to ✨ GO LIVE ✨ select Go Live in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window.

Step 4: Manage Your Live Sale

Once your shop is live, the right side of your live overview page will refresh to show real-time comments from your shoppers.

This allows your live talent to interact with your shoppers and answer any questions. If you have team members managing the sale behind the scenes, they can respond to shoppers by typing an answer or comment and selecting Post.

You can also:

  • See where a shopper is viewing your live sale (e.g., mobile app, Facebook group, etc.).
  • Quickly identify your VIP shoppers and new customers.
  • View "Sold" comments, if desired, and encourage shoppers to complete their checkout.

During the live sale, you'll need to advance from one product to another in order to change the live overlay that your shoppers see. You have options here:

  • Scan the product barcode of a product to pull up the product details.
  • Select the product in the product listing in the lower-left corner of your Live Sale Overview.

Step 5: End Your Live Sale

When you're ready to end the live sale, you can select End Live Sale at the top of your live overview page.

You will also need to end the broadcast on the CommentSold Broadcasting app by tapping the red stop record button.

If you created a dynamic product selection during your live (i.e., you scanned or added products on-the-fly), you will have the option to save this product selection. You can also post the products in the selection to your mobile app and/or webstore.

  Note: A product selection is required if you wish for shoppers to shop the live sale replay, so we recommended you save the product selection at this time. CommentSold will clear the product selection once you have ended the live.

Shortly after you end your live sale, you will be able to view in-depth reporting in the Live History section of your Live page. 

Learn more about viewing and analyzing live sale history here.

Don’t forget processing times. Once a live sale ends, CommentSold will need to process the video before you can add it as a Live Replay. Processing times average out to half the length of the live sale. For example, if your live sale was 60 minutes, then the video would take 30 minutes to process. You can view video processing statuses here.

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