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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to create a BOGO coupon code.
  • How to create a percentage off coupon code.
  • How to create a free shipping coupon code.
  • How to create a flat amount discount coupon code.
  • How to edit existing coupon codes.

About Coupon Codes

A coupon code, also referred to as a promo code or discount code, are alpha-numeric codes that shoppers can enter during the checkout process to save money on an order. Coupons are also a great way to get shoppers interested in checking out what your business has to offer.

With CommentSold, you can create a BOGO coupon, a dollar amount discount coupon, a percent off discount coupon, or a free shipping coupon. Coupon codes only apply toward qualifying items and to the subtotal prior to taxes and shipping.

How Coupon Codes Benefit Your Business

  • Incentivize shoppers to make a purchase with your business.
  • Send shoppers and/or inactive customers coupons to encourage them to visit your business.
  • Use coupons to reward shoppers for reaching VIP status or winning contests.
  • Offer a coupon in a specific sales channel (e.g., mobile app, webstore, etc.) to drive shopper traffic to that channel.

Create a Coupon Code

  1. Select Coupons in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Add Coupon in the top-right corner of the page.

Customize a New Coupon

You'll need to enter the key characteristics of the coupon code so CommentSold can apply the correct discount to the correct set of purchasing conditions. We walk through each field below.

General Usage

General fields are located on the left side of the page.

  1. Coupon Channel. Select the channels where shoppers can redeem the coupon. You can select All Channels or a specific channel (e.g., Only AppOnly Facebook, etc.).
  2. Coupon Code Name. Enter the code that shoppers will use to receive the discount at checkout. Names cannot include spaces.
  3. Coupon Type. Select the desired coupon type from the drop-down list.
    • BOGO. Choose which product(s) you want to offer for free or at a discount. CommentSold applies the discount to the least expensive item.
      • Buy X Get 1 Discounted. Specify how many items a customer must buy to earn a discounted product in return. 
      • Discount Amount %. Enter the percentage discount you want to offer. If you want to offer a free item in return, set this to 100%.
    • Percentage Off. Enter the desired percent off you wish to offer. Choose which collections shoppers can apply the coupon toward, or exclude collections.
    • Flat Amount Off. Enter the desired dollar amount discount you wish to offer. Choose which collections shoppers can apply the coupon toward, or exclude collections.
    • Free Shipping. Offer free shipping on an order. Choose which collections shoppers can apply the coupon toward, or exclude collections.
  4. Description. This is for your internal use. The description will appear beside the code in the Coupons tab.

Once you have completed all necessary fields, select Add Coupon in the bottom-right corner of the page.

  Note: CommentSold does not currently sync Shopify BOGO or product-specific coupons. You will need to create these coupons in CommentSold.

Edit an Existing Coupon

To edit an existing coupon, navigate to your Coupons page and select the three dots to the far right of the coupon row. Select Edit from the drop-down.

If you wish to make changes to a coupon, you will need to confirm it is active first. In the above image, the first two codes are currently active as no start or expiration date was entered when we created them. The third code (BOGO40) is inactive, as the start date is set in the future. Expired codes will also show as Inactive. 

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