Reporting on Coupons

Use the Coupons report to determine the effectiveness of promotions you run for your shoppers.

The Coupons report shows all redeemed coupons within the selected date range. 


To access this report, click the Reporting tab, then click the Coupons section at the top of the page.


By default, the report will show coupon data based on the current calendar day. To generate a report for a specific date range, enter a start and end date, then click Retrieve


To view reporting on a specific coupon code, use the search function at the top of your report.




The columns detail the following:

  • Code shows the code coupon code offered.
  • Number of uses shows the total number of redemptions of the code.
  • Discounts Given shows the total dollar amount that orders have been discounted by (the total amount saved).
  • Total Sales Less Discount shows the revenue earned on orders using a specific coupon code (with the discount amount subtracted).

You can click the title of each column to sort the table by ascending or descending values. 

Note: If you see a coupon code you don't recognize, it may have been one generated by your marketing automation emails. A typical marketing automation coupon is formatted with 3 random letters, then a number (assigned to the customer who redeemed the code), followed by the words "FIRST" or "SAVE".


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