Reporting on Waitlists

Learn how to use CommentSold's waitlist reports to get data on waitlisted products by specific date ranges and other variables.

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Where to Find Waitlist Insights

There are multiple locations in your CommentSold dashboard that will provide insights on your waitlists. We will provide a quick overview of each, so you will understand their intended purpose and how to use each.

Location 1 - From the Waitlist tab in the main menu of your CommentSold dashboard.


The Waitlist tab may be the first place that comes to mind when you think of where to find details for your waitlists. While this is correct, this location, in particular, is intended to give a broad overview of products currently waitlisted while providing options for you to manage waitlists and to provide updates on restock status for each. We do not recommend using this for reporting, but you can use this to gain a "big picture" for demand and estimated reorder profit.

Location 2 - From the Reports tab, under the "Waitlist" section.


Navigating to Reporting > Waitlists will give you access to the "Waitlist Report". This report is meant to give quick insight into waitlists and pre-authorizations based on customers, products, price, variants, and pre-authorization status without having to leave your CommentSold dashboard. Here, you can generate a Waitlist Report by searching a date range, or sort results by ascending and descending order.

Location 3 - From the Reports tab, under the "CSV" section.

If you'd like to access and export the waitlist reports, you can do so by visiting Reporting > CSV

This page will allow you to export various reports provided by CommentSold, including the "Waitlist Report" (as described above in location 2) and the "Waitlist by Variant Report".  The "Waitlist by Variant" report will show all waitlisted products based on brand/vendor with variant and size details. 

Below, we will cover how to access and use the waitlist reports that are located in the Reporting tab. 


View Waitlist Report in CommentSold

To view the Waitlist report in CommentSold, click on the Reporting tab of your CommentSold dashboard and click Waitlist from the top menu.


The Waitlist Report will provide the following columns/details:

  • The Image column displays a thumbnail of the waitlisted item.
  • The User column displays the name of the customer that waitlisted the item.
  • The Price column shows the retail price of the waitlisted item.
  • The SKU column displays the SKU associated with the waitlisted item.
  • The Color column will display the color variant of the waitlisted item (if applicable).
  • The Size column will display the size variant of the waitlisted item (if applicable).
  • The Pre-Authorized? column will show a "Yes" if the waitlisted item has been pre-authorized by the customer.
  • The Date Added column will show the date and time the item was added to the customer’s waitlist.

By default, the table will show waitlist data for the current day. To change this, enter the desired Start Date and End Date, then click Retrieve. 

Above the reporting table, there is a checkbox labeled, "Only show Pre-authorized". Check this if you want the report to only show pre-authorized products. Leave it blank if you want to see both waitlisted and pre-authorized products.

If you want to sort the results of your Waitlist Report by ascending or descending order, click the arrows next to each column to sort the data within.


Export Waitlist & Waitlist Variant Reports as CSV Files

If you'd like to export waitlist reports click the Reporting tab, you can do so from the CSV page. Here, you'll find two reports related to wailists - the Waitlist Report and Waitlist by Variant Report.


Waitlist Report (CSV)

Report # 16, "Waitlist Report", is almost an exact duplicate of the report provided through Reporting > Waitlists (as describe above). "Waitlist Report" will provide the following data:

  • Customer 
  • Date Added
  • Product 
  • SKU 
  • Color 
  • Size 
  • Pre-Authorized 
  • Brand Style


Waitlist by Variant Report (CSV)

Report # 16 A,  "Waitlist by Variant Report" is the optimal report to help you with reordering waitlisted items. This report will give you the option to export a CSV of all waitlisted products based on brand/vendor, variants, size, and brand style. In addition, this report includes waitlist and waitlist pre-authorized totals. This will help you make the most lucrative decision for restocks based on “promised” revenue indicated by the total of "pre-authorized" waitlists vs “potential” revenue through the total ascribed to the "regular" waitlist.

"Waitlists by Variant Report" will provide the following data:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Color
  • Size
  • Brand Style
  • Regular Waitlisted Total
  • Waitlist Pre-Authorized Total
  • Total Waitlisted (Regular Waitlisted + Waitlist Pre-authorized)


How to Export Reports as CSVs

1. Click Reporting from the main menu, then click CSV from the top of the page. Both "Waitlist Report" and "Waitlists by Variant Report" can be exported from here.

2.(Optional) The Waitlist Report requires a date range, or it will default to only show existing data for the current calendar day. Apply a date range for your report by choosing a Start Date and End Date at the top of the screen.

If downloading the Waitlist by Variant Report, you can skip setting the date range as it is not dependent on one.

3. Scroll down to find your desired report. The Waitlist Report will appear as report #16, the Waitlist by Variant Report as report #16A. 

4. Click View from the far left column across from the desired report. The CSV file will automatically open for you to view once the download is complete.



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