Your Go Live Studio space is where you will host your shop's live sales. This area is an extension of your brand so you can use it to attract and keep your target audience’s interest. 

Designing a functional, eye-catching, and on-brand Go Live Studio space is simple with a little planning. In this article, we walk through recommended equipment, supplies, and pro tips to consider when designing your Go Live space.

How Your Go Live Space Benefits Your Shop

  • Create and promote a professional brand image with high-quality visuals for instant credibility. 
  • Express your brand personality to create a connection with shoppers. 
  • Stand out in social media news feeds to draw attention to your live sale. 
  • Stay organized before, during, and after your live sale to minimize prep and cleanup time.

In Front of the Camera

Your Go Live Studio should communicate who you are and what your business is about without being distracting.

  • Display your logo. Hang your shop logo in the background or on the wall to subtly tell new shoppers what shop they're watching and reinforce your brand.  
  • Upgrade your background. Use portable backdrops, paint, or faux wall panels (e.g., shiplap, trendy greenery, etc.) to give your space an intentional stylized look.
  • Incorporate your brand palette. Use your brand colors to create a signature look unique to your shop. For example, you can paint the background walls, use accent decor pieces, or make a statement with a piece of furniture in a brand color. 
  • Design while keeping your host your focus. When choosing pieces for your shop, make sure they don't distract from your host or the items they'll be featuring. You don't want to distract your shoppers.
  • Keep backdrops clean. If you’re using a cloth or paper backdrop, keep the background smooth and free of wrinkles to communicate a professional and put-together look.
  • Change up your background decor. Refresh your background decor for special occasions, seasons, or sales to keep it interesting and looking fresh.
  • Keep it authentic. Your brand starts with you and your live space should make you eager to go live. Your energy is contagious and your shoppers can tell when you're genuinely excited.


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