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  • How to process an exchange in CommentSold.

About Exchanges

Unlike a return, where a customer is returning a product to a retailer and seeking a refund, an exchange allows a customer to swap their ordered product for a different variant or a similar-priced product. Retailers often outline guidelines for exchanges in their return policy

For example, a customer might exchange a dress they ordered for a larger size or exchange a candle for a picture frame that is the same price. With an exchange, there is no additional payment on the customer's part or refund needed from the retailer.

How Exchanges Benefit Your Business

  • Retain revenue for a product since no refund is involved.
  • Creating a positive and painless exchange policy can increase a customer's willingness to buy from you again.

Step 1: Locate the Order

The first step in an exchange is to locate the order. You can locate the order record either on the customer record or the Orders page.

Locate Order via Customer Record Locate Order via Orders Page

  1. Select Customer in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the customer and select their hyperlinked Name.
  3. Scroll and locate the Fulfilled Orders section.
  4. Locate the exchange order and select the hyperlinked Order ID on the far left of the table.

Step 2: Exchange Product and/or Variant

The second step in an exchange is to select the product to be exchanged and the new product and/or variant.

  1. Once you locate the order, select the Arrow icon at the bottom of the icons that appear on the far right of the order record.
  2. In the Return - Products in The Order section, select Even Exchange.
  3. In the Exchange pop-up, complete the following fields:
    • Product. Type the name of the requested exchange product. As you type, options appear in a drop-down list. You can select the product once you see it.
    • Variant. Select the requested exchange variant from the drop-down.
      • If exchanging for a new product, still note the variant you will be sending the customer.
    • Notes. Include any notes for the exchange. These will be included in email communication to the customer.
    • Also add back to inventory? If you plan to resell the product the customer exchanged, select this checkbox. 
  4. Select Begin Exchange.

The order details will refresh and display the new product and/or variant requested in the exchange.

Step 3: Print a New Shipping Label

The final step in an exchange is to print a new shipping label for the exchanged order.

  1. On the order record, select the Label icon that appears on the far right side of the page.
  2. Confirm the details listed.
  3. Select Create Label.
  4. CommentSold will ask you to confirm the purchase of a new label.
  Use a third-party shipping platform? You will need to print a new label for a customer's exchange on that platform.

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