Dropship returns are here! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Dropship returns. We're working hard to improve this experience and ask for your patience and feedback as this feature continues to evolve. Please reach out to Chat Support with any further questions.

CommentSold’s Returns page is your central location to view and process customer dropship return requests. 

Since suppliers fulfill dropship orders, all return requests must pass through the supplier for approval before you can issue refunds and print return labels. Our team will work closely with the supplier during the returns process and notify you when you can complete the returns process.

Please note that the supplier is ultimately responsible for approving returns. Return policies vary by supplier.

Share Your Return Form Link with Customers

When a customer wishes to return a product that is a dropship product, you will want to link them to your return form. This form captures all essential information about the return (e.g., customer email, order number, returned product, return reason, and images), and displays it on your Returns page. This information is essential for our team, who will work with the supplier on the return.

We recommend drafting a response, whether it's an email response or a chat response, that includes the following:

  • Your return form link. Your return form link is https://yourshop.com/partner-returns (e.g., https://peachesandpockets.com/partner-returns, https://myshop.commentsold.com/partner-returns, etc.).
  • Instructions for the return. Let customers know what information they'll need to supply with their return and what the return process will look like.

Here's an example:

Hey [First Name]! Thanks for reaching out.

We're so sorry to hear the product didn’t meet your expectations. To start your return request, please visit this link [insert your return form link here] and complete the form. You'll need your order number and email address to look up your order. Ultimately, our brand partner is responsible for approving any returns or replacements for this product.

Once you complete the form, we’ll notify you when your request has been processed. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

View Customer Return Requests

  1. Select Returns in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select the Request tab at the top of the page.

All return requests will display on this tab, sorted from newest to oldest. You can expand a row to view the product(s) the customer is returning, customer notes, and product images. 

Initiate a Customer Return

  1. Select the Order Number for the return request. This will take you to the order details page for that order.
  2. Hover over the order details, then select the arrow icon on the right side of the order. 
  3. Locate the product(s) you wish to process and select Return this product.
    • Returning multiple products? Select the checkbox to the left of each product, then select the drop-down beside the top-most checkbox and select Initiate Return.
  4. Complete the Return Product form.
  5. Select Save.

Once you have initiated a return, each product will appear as its own row on the Intiated tab.

View Dropship Return Status

Our team will work directly with the supplier to coordinate a return. Our team will update the Supplier Return Status column on the Initiated tab in an effort to keep you notified. Statuses include Notified, Reviewing, Working with Supplier, Approved, and Rejected.

If Approved or Rejected, you can expand the return row to view additional information.

  • Supplier Notes. These notes keep you informed during the return process. If rejected, this space will detail why. If approved, this space will provide details on next steps.
  • Supplier Address. If a supplier accepts a return, this is the address you’ll need to enter for the shipping label you’ll supply to the customer. More on that process below.

Purchase Return Label

If a supplier requests that a customer return a product, then you’ll need to purchase a shipping label with the supplier address displayed. Customers must print out the label and affix it to the return package.

  1. Select the Order Number for the initiated request. This will take you to the order details page for that order.
  2. Hover over the order details, then select the arrow icon on the right side of the order. 
  3. Select the checkbox to the left of each returned product.
  4. Select the drop-down beside the top-most checkbox, then select Issue Return Label.
  5. Edit the To address fields to match the supplier addresses listed in the Supplier Address section of the Initiated return row.
  6. Ensure the Box Dimensions are correct.
  7. Select Create Label to generate and confirm the label purchase.

From here, you will want to download or email the label to your customer. Select Email toward the bottom of the order details. It will be on the far right of the Return Label row.

Refund Customer

You can refund a customer’s dropship order once you have generated the return label and provided it to the customer. You can do so on the same screen where you purchased and generated the label.

It is up to your discretion and returns policy as to whether you deduct the amount of the return label from the amount being refunded to the customer. At this time, this will be a manual adjustment. We walk through the process below.

  1. Choose Refund Directly to Card.
  2. If you are adjusting the amount of the refund to reflect the cost of the shipping label, then edit the Refund Amount field on the pop-up.
  3. Select Refund.
  Important! We do not recommend refunding to account credit. If you must refund to account credit, please be sure to contact support so the supplier can be notified to initiate the refund of your costs.
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