In order to sell jewelry, watches, or accessories on TikTok, it is important that you follow TikTok’s guidelines carefully to avoid unnecessary violations. 

Jewelry sold on TikTok is divided into two categories: 

  1. Invite-Only (covered under TikTok’s Restricted Products Policy
  2. Costume Jewelry

Invite Only 

Before your shop can sell jewelry, watches, or accessories that contain any precious metals, diamonds, gems, or semiprecious stones on TikTok, your shop must go through an application and approval process. 

Items that are considered “Invite-Only” are jewelry, watches, or accessories that contain one or more of the following materials:

  • Diamond
  • Gold (including plated gold, gold vermeil, & gold filled)
  • Rose gold or white gold (including rose gold plated or white gold plated)
  • Silver (including plated silver)
  • Sterling Silver
  • Platinum (including plated platinum)
  • Jade 
  • Pearl
  • Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald
  • Semi Precious stones (topaz, onyx, turquoise, amethyst, etc)

How to Get Approved for Invite-Only Jewelry, Watches, or Accessories

To be approved to sell invite-only jewelry, watches, or accessories, you will need to contact your CS Customer Growth Specialist or fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you within 3 business days.

From there, we will help make sure you have the required documentation and connect you with a TikTok Account Manager so they can submit your application. 

  NOTE: There is no self-service option to apply for invite-only jewelry, watches, and accessories. You must follow the above steps in order to move forward with selling invite-only jewelry on TikTok.

Invite-Only Required Documents

To apply for Invite-Only jewelry, watches, or accessories, you need the following documents:

  1. Letter or Certificate of Authenticity 
    • Required for all invite-only materials
    • Can be obtained from supplier or manufacturer
    • See example here
  2. Testing Reports
    • Testing reports are required for all invite-only materials
    • One example per material should be tested by a 3rd party to verify the authenticity
    • See the list of TikTok-recommended 3rd party testers
  3. A complete set of images of the products and packaging and labeling
    • Sellers need to provide one packaging and product image per type of material
  NOTE: If you are selling fine jewelry with diamonds or true gold (not just plated gold), you will need to also provide additional safety certification and certification reports. Please check with your CS representative for more information. 

Invite-Only Approval Process

Once a TikTok Account Manager has submitted your application, it can take up to 14 business days for your shop to be approved to sell invite-only items on TikTok. 

You will be notified by your TikTok Account Manager  if TikTok needs more information or documentation to complete your application. 

Costume Jewelry

You are allowed to sell costume jewelry on TikTok without special approval from TikTok. However, you must follow TikTok’s listing guidelines carefully to avoid listing violations. 

Costume jewelry is considered any jewelry, watches, or accessories that do not contain any of the materials listed in the invite-only category. 

Even if an item you are selling is normally considered “costume jewelry” but contains any of the materials listed in the invite-only list, you will have to go through the invite-only application process. 

  NOTE: CommentSold will not automatically sync costume jewelry products due to the increased likelihood TikTok will reject products of this nature. You can manually sync jewelry products that do not contain precious metals or gems to TikTok on the individual product record.

Jewelry Best Practices

  • Make sure your jewelry, watches, and accessories are categorized correctly. Even if you are whitelisted for invite-only jewelry, your shop can still receive an Incorrect Category Violation from TikTok if you categorize invite-only items as costume jewelry.
    • Invite-only products should be categorized as 01 Jewelry Accessories & Derivatives.
    • Costume jewelry should be categorized as 02 Fashion Accessories/Costume Jewelry.
  • For Costume Jewelry, you need to remove any mention of invite-only materials from the product title or description (e.g., sterling silver, topaz, rose gold, platinum, etc.). 
  • For costume jewelry where gold or silver (or another invite-only material term) is the description of the color or another attribute, here are some recommendations of words to use instead:
    • Faux-gold
    • Golden
    • Silvery
    • Gold-tone
    • Gray metallic
    • Silvered 
    • Rose-gold-tone
    • Faux-rose-gold

Check out TikTok’s Restricted Products Policy for more details. 

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