Have clothing products you plan to sync to TikTok? Include a size chart! Read on to learn how.

CommentSold now offers the ability to upload product size charts for those products that fall into a TikTok clothing category. While a sizing chart is not required by TikTok at this time, we still recommend uploading a size chart when prompted.

Size chart images must be at least 100px by 100px (and no greater than 20,000px by 20,000px), no larger than 5MB, and be a JPEG, JPG, or PNG file type.

As a reminder, you will need to define the TikTok product category on the product record for those products you wish to sync to TikTok. Learn how here.

Upload a Product Size Chart

  1. Select Edit Media at the top of a product record.
  2. Locate the Size Chart section and select Choose File to select the size chart image from your device.
  3. Select Upload.

If you need to upload a new size chart, you can delete the current file by selecting the trashcan icon, then repeat the steps outlined above.

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